Toilet Bombs Workshop - LM
Toilet Bombs Workshop - LM

The Sustainability Project

Toilet Bombs Workshop - LM


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An all-natural way to deodorise, disinfect and clean your toilets without the need for harsh & toxic chemicals!

Learn how to make toilet bombs which are a great alternative to synthetic nasties which can have an adverse effect on marine life when washed into the waterways.

All ingredients will be provided.


Each session is half an hour. Weekends based on your availability. 

The Sustainability Project will contact you after your booking and will schedule with you accordingly!


21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #06-78 WCEGA Tower, Singapore 658065

What You Will Get To Do

- Experience a hands-on making process and have fun while at it.

- Learn how to make your own toilet bombs

- Bring home a batch of 20 toilet bombs each