Stainless Steel Pegs - LM
Stainless Steel Pegs - LM
Stainless Steel Pegs - LM
Stainless Steel Pegs - LM

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Stainless Steel Pegs - LM


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A weather-proof and waste-free alternative to plastic pegs.

They don’t shatter, attract mould, or cause unchangeable plastic pollution!

Say goodbye to crumbling plastic pegs and mouldy bamboo pegs! These stainless steel pegs will outlive any plastic or wooden pegs.

These stainless steel pegs are made from strong 2mm stainless steel to ensure they stand the test in windy conditions or when hanging heavier items such as towels and blankets. This size is suitable for heavy and thick items. We have found that these are even able to hold up jeans and thicker sweaters.

They are mould-resistant, stain-resistant, rust-resistant and suitable for coastal areas. You can leave it outside – hail, rain or shine!

They are always cool to touch in the sun due to their thin design. A once-only purchase, these lifetime stainless steel pegs will replace countless packs of plastic pegs over the years.

Use it for anything – clothesline, laundry, snack bag sealing, room decoration, picture hanger, home and kitchen, food clip, paper files clips, travelling, business trip, picnic, camping and more! You can even use these in the kitchen if you need to, for example in the freezer or oven.

They make great and functional gifts for your family or friends too! You can place store them in a cotton drawstring bag like our herb bags.

Care Instructions

No special care required. You can wipe them clean with a damp towel.


Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel

Made In


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