Produce Bags - LM
Produce Bags - LM
Produce Bags - LM

The Sustainability Project

Produce Bags - LM


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Bring these reusable produce bags to the supermarket, for grocery shopping and eliminate those plastic bags!

Made from recycled plastic bottles.

Essential for a zero-waste lifestyle and those aiming to cut down their single-use plastic consumption. Reusable and durable, it replaces plastic produce bags at the store or market. The lightweight yet super strong transparent mesh fabric is perfect for fruit, vegetables, herbs and bulk goods such as grains, nuts and pulses.

The Produce Bag Holder fits up to 8 produce bags, and come with a small carabiner that easily clips onto a trolley or basket for easy access while shopping.

How Many Disposables It Can Replace

The use of 1 reusable bag over a year could replace the use of 125 single-use plastics bags or 52 single-use paper bags.


Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET)

Care Instructions

Rinse your produce in the bag and pop straight into the fridge. Air flows through the mesh weave allowing your produce to breathe and stay fresh for longer. Machine washable

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