Price Transparency & Our Recovery program: Saving More From Landfills

REFASH gives new life to millions of used clothing, offsetting the environmental and financial cost of fashion. We pride ourselves in being transparent about the process and the true costs that go behind all of our products — from procurement to labour to transportation.

Our Secondhand Supply Chain

Our supply chain journey encompasses 3 stages, starting from the point of receiving the product from the initial owner to the final step of displaying the product at our stores!

1. Evaluation Stage

Our inventory team conducts quality checks and evaluates each piece of preloved product to determine its optimal payout. After evaluation, the customer service team reaches out to the individual sellers to notify them about the offer amounts.

Once the offer has been accepted, the team proceeds to sort the products into 3 tiers: Sale, Regular & Premium, which will be priced differently.

2. Payout Stage

Once the offer has been accepted, our finance team schedules the payout disbursement in advance in accordance with the promised timeline*. This payout amount becomes our inventory cost.

*Due to the lack of capabilities to issue thousands of payouts on a daily basis, our finance team schedules periodic payments via DBS Corporate PayNow, while ensuring that all payouts are issued within the promised timeline of 60 working days for in-store drop-offs and 30 working days for courier pick-ups.

3. Resale Stage

Products are then transported to our stores, where our staff will go through a second evaluation process of each item, before putting them up for sale.


There are a lot of costs we can’t neatly account for - like warehousing and office rent - but we believe you deserve to know what goes into reselling the products at our stores!

What happens to items that we reject?

In a world where textile waste is increasing at an alarming rate, with a truckload of textiles being sent to landfills or incinerated every second, it becomes evident that textile waste is not solely an issue within the fashion industry but a collective problem. As landfills continue to expand, it becomes crucial to prioritize the circulation of clothing and prolong their lifespan.

At REFASH, our mission is centered around extending the life of clothing as long as possible, including items that may not meet our stringent quality guidelines.

Which is why we started the Recovery program.

Our Recovery program serves as a means to rescue these items that still possess significant lifespan but fall short of our quality standards, by selling them to our network of resellers at a nominal fee. The proceeds from this program are donated on a periodic basis to charitable organisations like Daughters of Tomorrow and World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore).

Together with our network, we’re committed to giving back to the community and at the same time, uphold our goal of returning as many items as possible back into the circular fashion economy and keeping them out of landfills.