Zyu Skincare #supportlocal

Zyu Skincare #supportlocal

Welcome back to our mini #supportlocal series! We are gradually going into times of a new normal and I honestly can't wait to be able to meet my friends again!! 🤗 Hang in there y'all, we've got this!

Today's feature will be on Zyu Skincare, a skincare brand founded by a local influencer, Tay Zoen, whom some of you might be familiar with! If you were not familiar with her, you will now be familiar with her skincare brand! 😋

What is Zyu?

Zyu is primarily derived from the Chinese word 珠 (zhu), which stands for pearls because zyu customers will be able to get the pearl lustre shine after using zyu! ‘Zhu’ may also refer to God (主), which aims to ground the brand to always be humble and grateful for the blessings received through faith and trust from the consumers.

Start-up phase of Zyu

Zyu started the same period as Covid-19 did and since I am studying med in Sydney, I had to multitask and do everything from abroad. As Zyu is a Singapore based business, we only had 1 product for 4 months and a soft launch of our second product during CB - 1 month ago.


We currently have 2 products on our website - a night mask and a toner. Our night mask has 6 premium extracts that are formulated to achieve visible results and to suit all skin types. The ingredients help to cover many concerns such as reduce inflammation, reduce sebum production yet hydrates the skin, and even help collagen production for anti-ageing. Many of our customers see a beautiful glow the next morning.

Toner is light and easily absorbed, also with the best ingredients a toner can have - such as witch hazel, rosewater, salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation. We understand that finding the right skin care product is a chore and its a waste of resources to keep trying new skincare, - my mom, having been an expert in the beauty industry for the past 30 years, have great insights into skincare, hence inspired me to create something more accessible for people who want that healthy skin glow!

Hearing about the benefits of the night mask is making me want to get it! Your skin definitely affects how your makeup looks and applies!

Product Suitability

Yes all ages and all skin types

Guys, it's actually attractive when you take care of your skin instead of using body wash as your face wash!! 🥴

You can even bond with your significant other over applying night masks, how cute!! 😍😍😍

Future of Zyu

We’ve had pop-ups for our customers to purchase and test our product - we definitely have plans in the future and we will update that on our socials @zyuskincare :)

Getting to know the founder of Zyu

I am in my fourth year of medicine in Sydney Australia. I actually did NUS Business for a while but decided it was not for me so it's quite funny how I eventually started a business 4 years on! I’m inspired by my mother to embark on this Zyu journey. People call her the “healer” because she heals the faces of people who come to her! And with myself getting more and more into makeup influenced by the digital age, I realised how good skin is more important than makeup, and healthy glowy skin makes you so much more confident. My team and I test all of our products ourselves, but I tested longer for our first product (1year) because I wanted to make sure I see the effects I want and I only want to share a product I truly believe in and can’t live without. I got my team to test it (we all have different skin types, gender and age). Now I am testing the upcoming products! - I already cancelled 20 over formulas because they weren’t ideal, so keep a lookout for more launches because they are truly tried, tested and with lots of love.

Those who are particular about the products you apply on your face, Zyu Skincare is for you! The impeccable testing process is undeniably reassuring! 🤗

Product Updates

Our night mask is out of stock again due to COVID as we have decreased production intensity but we’re heartened to see the growing love for it! For those who are keen, they can submit their preorders, we will ship it out when we finish productions in 2 weeks.

We are also launching a five-piece customizable GlowItYourself (GIY) home treatment kit packed with ingredients including AHA, BHA, Papaya Enzymes and Green Tea Extracts. The GIY kit enables users to enjoy a lavish facial experience in the comfort and safety of their own space.

The five-piece ensemble includes a balancing milk cleanser, botanical gel cleanser, Alpha I OR Alpha II serum, catalyst cream mask as well as a remedy gel. All five components reap their own benefits, which each of them complementing one another.

Start your journey with Zyu Skincare and preorder your night masks now to receive it asap 😋 And the new GIY home treatment kit though! Getting a full-on facial without having to leave my house, yes, please! 😍🤩

Instagram: @zyuskincare

Thank you for reading, till the next time we see you again! 🤗

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