Zero-waste Gifts Recommendations For This Valentine’s Day

Zero-waste Gifts Recommendations For This Valentine’s Day

It’s the thought that counts. But when it comes to gifting our other half, that thought matters a thousand times more. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are some environmentally-friendly gift ideas that will help you celebrate your Valentine while saving the world.


Do you love cooking? Well, one of the five love languages is an act of service. This Valentine’s, you can pamper your partner with a hearty home cooked meal. This gift is one-of-a-kind and true from your heart to show your love for your other half.

After cooking, you may think to store the food in disposable plastic containers and serve with disposable plastic cutlery, but ever think where all that ends up? That’s right, they are highly likely to show up as pollutants in the sea 😕

Here’s a suggestion that will add on to both the aesthetics of your delicious meal and save marine life in the seas: try the Stojo Collapsible Box that comes in seven beautiful colours!

Pair the lunchbox with the environmentally-friendly Bamboo Cutlery Set!

If you are cooking at home, you can consider the beautiful Coconut Bowl that is made from real coconuts. The bowl is specially crafted to hold all kinds of food and bring forward a tropical vibe to your meals!


Everyday can be as lovely as Valentine’s Day when we put our hearts out for our partner.

If your other half is addicted to bubble tea (like majority of us are 😆), show that you care by gifting a perfect cup catered to their everyday fix of bubble tea! In the meantime, also show that you care for the environment by adopting the use of reusable cups over disposable cups that are often used in our local bubble tea shops. One recommendation I have to help your partner get their fix would be the Reusable Bubble Tea Cup which comes with its set of reusable straw and straw cleaner! This gift would definitely make your partner feel loved, even if they are not a bubble tea lover as the cup holds both hot and cold beverages!


Living in Singapore confers the inevitability of having a hectic life. With such busy lives, we often champion for a more minimalist lifestyle. Did you know that being a minimalist is much more than just the aesthetic? This Valentine, enjoy true minimalism with your partners at the comfort of your very own home!

Make cleaning a chore of the past by adopting new and improved methods of cleaning that both saves the Earth and also saves you and your partner more time for yourselves! I strongly recommend these Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets that saves you the hassle of purchasing bags full of different cleaning agents which can end up cluttering the space in your house. Just place one sheet into a bottle of 500ml water and shake well for two minutes. Now, you have yourself an all-purpose cleaning agent to keep your house clean and the chore hassle-free!

We all wear clothes everyday. So, it is important to keep our clothes smelling fresh and ready for the day. Help your partner ditch traditional laundry detergents made of harmful chemicals starting from 2022 by using eco-friendly alternatives such as this lavender mint-scented Laundry Powder.

Alternatively, you can also try out these novel Laundry Detergent Sheets that completely replace the traditional detergents and powders, and at the same time being lightweight and compact, making it perfect for when you and your partner travel!


From day-to-day activities to a grand day out, nothing beats the joy when you are out with your partner. As a tip, to make your outing that much more fulfilling, I recommend trying out activities that are good for the soul.

Drink coffee on a daily basis but do not know what to do with the used coffee grounds? If you are both coffee lovers, you will love partaking in the Coffee Grounds Upcycling Workshop organised and taught by the good people from the Sustainability Project! At the Coffee Grounds Upcycling Workshop, you will be able to learn how to turn your used coffee grounds into a useful coffee scrub that can keep your skin looking youthful and also gain from the other benefits of using coffee scrubs!

To those who celebrate Chinese New Year, or just love eating oranges and mandarins, you will be thrilled to hear about the Orange Peels Upcycling Workshop that you and your other half can participate together this Valentine’s Day to upcycle the leftover orange peels into eco enzymes and body scrubs that can keep you feeling fresh! 🍊


Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a difficult chore for you. It is important that on Valentine’s Day, both you and your partner are able to enjoy a relaxing time together and make new memories. No matter how big or small the gift is, the thought of gifting a perfect gift for your other half will definitely be appreciated as it comes from deep down your heart.

With the several gift ideas I have recommended on this blog post, I hope that you will have an amazing Valentine’s Day this year! As a parting tip, I’d advise you to adopt these gifts to your tastes and preferences as you know your partner in crime best!

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