What I’ll Miss Most about Interning at REFASH ✨😢

What I’ll Miss Most about Interning at REFASH ✨😢

Hello! Tammy, Marketing Intern here! Before my internship with REFASH comes to an end 😭 I’ll be doing a little round up of my time here. It’s been a meaningful few months, and there are many things I’ll miss about working here. Here are 5 of them!

1. The Work

Pursuing and discovering new passions

For context, some of my main responsibilities include content planning for the company LinkedIn and blog, and liaising with sponsors and influencers for various events! I was able to work on a mix of things I was comfortable with - like creative writing - and things I was newer to, like video editing, events and influencer management. I was given a safe environment to try things out - I had almost full autonomy over the LinkedIn page - and was able to understand more about my passion and interests! My interest in sustainability has genuinely increased a lot too!

Starting at 10am

Our work days start at 10am, and there are 1-2 Work-from-Home days per week, which is amazing!

2. The People

The culture here honestly exceeded my expectations! The team is small and close-knit with no office politics, and I was able to learn a lot from many people both within and outside the marketing team. For example, Rahah from the Ecommerce Operations team, and Jia Xuan from the Inventory team taught me a lot about providing good customer service! Here’s a picture of the REFASH Office team at our recent staff cohesion session!

Everyone here is generally approachable and open to feedback too! Shoutout to my manager Yuenyee and supervisor Vanessa, who always tried their best to implement my feedback, and allowed me to try out things I was interested in. For example, when I wanted to learn how to set up ads on Google and Meta, they scheduled a meeting with me to show me how to do so, even though it was out of my job scope and took up a significant chunk of their time. They really go the extra mile here 🌈

And shoutout to my fellow interns, especially Jemima (Marketing) and Jessie (Ecommerce Operations) who were with me from the very start!

3. Carousell Office

REFASH actually moved to Carousell HQ shortly after I joined, and I’ll miss the Carousell Office so much!! It’s spacious and bright and really makes me feel like anything is possible. Taking little walks around the office always perks me up and gives me more inspiration when I’m feeling tired! 

Some of my favourite spots are the common area, the iconic red tunnel and these (soundproof) individual pods! 

The Carousell Team also organises bonding/networking events regularly - which I unfortunately did not manage to take full advantage of - which makes every work day quite vibrant! 

It also has a well-stocked pantry! I’ll really miss the milos, Hello Pandas and bananas!

4. Timbre+

Timbre+ is a hawker centre next to 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent and it has some seriously good food!! Here are some of my top picks:

Sincere Kitchen: Tasty claypot dishes for an affordable price. They’re generous with their meat portions and their set meals are value-for-money!

Shuang Kou Mian: Amazing Bak Chor Mee! 

Asia Wok: Saving the best for last! This stall has amazing dishes, but my personal favourite is the SAMBAL FRIED RICE! It’s so delicious that I ate it 2x in my last week of work here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good pictures, so here’s a picture taken from foodpanda!

For more recommendations, you can refer to this list put together by Miss Tam Chiak a while back!

And pssst… you get a 10% Discount if you pay using the Timbre+ app!

5. Staff Discounts

As you may recall from my previous blog post, all REFASH staff are given monthly staff discount codes, definitely one thing I’ll miss a lot about interning here HAHA. Some of my favourite thrifts are this Love Bonito Cobalt Blue Halter Dress, this In Good Company White Button Down Shirt, and this Dark Denim Blue Drop Waist Dress (pictured below) all for <$20 each 😌


Tip: You can opt for Self Pick-up from our HQ instead of doorstep delivery, to waive your delivery fee! I’ll miss doing this after my internship ends 😂 You can view our HQ address and opening hours here!

In Conclusion

On the whole, this internship has been a positive experience, and I think the position would be a good fit for people looking to gain experience in fashion/sustainability/retail! So thankful to have been a part of REFASH!! #noregrets 😊

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Signing off for one last time,


Marketing Intern xo

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