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The Sustainability Project #sustainablesaturday

Hi all! How is everyone? Doing well I hope! We are starting a new series ā€” Sustainable Saturday, to share about some companies with the same goal in mind as REFASH! Hope you enjoy this series as much as we did learning about the different companies! šŸ˜Ā 

Do follow our Instagram @refashsg to find out more about the different featured companies for Sustainable Saturday! Subsequent companies are being featured on the first week of Saturdays every month!Ā 

First up on our list, Joline, the person behind The Sustainability Project! šŸ¤—

How it all begun

The Sustainability Project (TSP) initially started as a blog. Wanting to start a platform to share tips and knowledge regarding how to lead a sustainable lifestyle, I took a leap of faith and started to sell zero waste products that could not be found locally.

The goal has always been to make sustainable living easy in Singapore and to make sustainability mainstream.

TSP has 3 arms - Educate, Transform and Inspire.

Educate by sharing topics that we feel passionate about; Transform is our retail arm where we sell a range of products that makes reducing waste convenient as part of your daily lifestyle; Lastly, we inspire to engage in activities such as talks, trips, events and many other actions to exchange eco-content and be change-makers in their own community :)

Something that started off as a blog to share has now turned into something to convenient people in becoming better people. Definitely makes me want to play my part to save Mother Nature. šŸ˜‹

(Not gon lie, I got a bit distracted by how good the fruits looked in the picture)


I started TSP during my final year of studies and being an accounting student, running a business is something that I have no experience in. Most decisions were made with my instincts and what was best for the environment. Iā€™m still learning to date! E.g, digital marketing, social media, HR and many other functions.

Another difficulty faced is funding, which I believe is a common issue most start-up faces. As TSP is self-funded, we need to spend a substantial amount of procuring inventory. Time to time, it does get a bit worrying in terms of the sustainability of the company (the irony haha)

COVID Environmental Impacts

The impact of Covid-19 on the environment has been reported in terms of pollution being better, skies being clearer and many other positive aspects. While showing the power of Mother Nature, I believe this is a sign for us to reflect the pace of our lifestyle before the pandemic.

So good to hear that at least there's something good coming out of this pandemic, go Earth! šŸŒŽ (Isn't it also scary how it takes a whole pandemic for humans to be slightly kinder to Mother Nature? Please do your part to be slightly more sustainable in the way you live!) Also, how cute is this bag?! Imagine looking so cute while grocery shopping šŸ˜šŸ˜›

Never underestimate the power you have to help Mother Earth. A small step is always better than no step :) If you have any questions about how to be more sustainable, feel free to reach out to us! Happy to connect!

Those who are clueless on how to do your part, The Sustainability Project is here for you!



We are happy to encourage everyone to take a step towards sustainable living and would like to offer a 5% discount (Code: REFASH)! The code will be valid till the end of June šŸ˜Š

Shopping āœ”

Discount āœ”

Saving Mother Nature āœ”

That's a win-win-win situation for everyone! You can start getting your adorable and earth-saving goodies here!

Instagram: @thesustainabilityproject

And that concludes The Sustainability Project! Putting in that bit of effort doing simple things such as using reusable facial rounds instead of makeup wipes, bringing your own reusable coffee cup, donating your clothes instead of throwing them out etc will make a difference! šŸ‘

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ā€“ Helen Keller

Collective effort is needed from everyone, we will see a much vibrant and healthy Mother Nature in no time! šŸŒŽšŸ˜

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