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If you’ve browsed through our site recently then you must have noticed a new section, Support Local! This year, we’ve decided to collaborate with some local online shops and onboard them onto our site, just in time for the festive season! 

So if you’re last minute gift shopping or you have no idea what to get for your loved ones, you might want to read on!

The Mad Theory 

The Mad Theory is founded by since February 2017, offering a wide selection of bags, wallets and accessories. Their huge variety of styles and designs makes it perfect for any woman looking for the perfect purse or shoulder bag for every occasion. Some of my picks include the Eileen bag that comes in 4 different shades. This style of shoulder bag is so trendy and would pair perfectly with a Sunday casual outfit or a Saturday night dinner.


Other than that, they also offer wallets to go with their purses. Perhaps your friend is looking for something smaller to fit her mini bags, they’ve got your covered! Introducing the Lezie wallet, the perfect handheld sized wallet to fit into any one of you bags! I’m sure anyone would be excited to receive this as a gift. 

If you’re not feeling any of the options I’ve suggested, why not head down to their feature page on our site to take a look for yourself! Here you go -



I think the best part about Christmas Gift shopping is all the unique and fun things you can find during this season. Paperdaise creates one of a kind jewelry, pins and brooches all to spice up your outfit! Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and it looks stunning to say the least. Take a look for yourself!


My personal favourite is the Mythical Rabbitgirl with Deer Necklace ($28.80) because of the intricately hand painted details, what’s even better is that because it's handmade, no two pieces look alike! I believe that this will be such a great gift this Christmas. 

Click here to check out all their other creations and snag one for your loved ones before it’s too late! 


The Sustainability Project: 

Everybody loves receiving presents, but more often than not, the gift you get isn’t something you REALLY wanted, thus that behavior creates waste and clutter. This Christmas, try gifting sustainably by giving your loved one’s items that they will actually use. The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of a low or zero waste lifestyle in your life. 



They sell a large assortment of homeware products that makes it easy to be sustainable in your daily lives. From kitchenware to bathroom essentials, there’s really something for everyone! If you don’t believe me, you can check them out yourself! 


Youniverse Design:

 I have a love-hate relationship with giving presents. On the one hand, I enjoy buying presents for my loved ones but on the other hand, there are some who are impossible to buy for. And I’m sure most of you have that person in your life who makes gift shopping kinda stressful. This is where Youniverse Designs can step in! 

Youniverse Designs is the perfect gift for the season. They sell a variety of tote bags, postcards, greeting cards, and notebooks. Personally, I feel these items are the best for someone you don’t know that well because they are all general things that everyone uses. 



And the best part is, you can give it in a set! You can buy a few of the above items and put them in the tote bag. This way, you can customize what goes into the bag and make it a little more special for them! Good things must share so here’s the link!  (

Hope this article helped you gain more inspiration on what to buy for your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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