Six Outfit Ideas On What To Wear For A Job Interview For Men and Women

Six Outfit Ideas On What To Wear For A Job Interview For Men and Women



Figuring out what to wear for a job interview can be very daunting especially for first-timers. Besides your interview performance, making a good first impression matters too. 

For starters, make sure you research about the company you are applying for and their work attire. Using only second hand clothes that cost not more than $20, here are some outfit inspiration ideas for different interview scenarios!


1. Business formal

If you are applying for industries related to finance, HR, legal or banking, the appropriate work attire is business formal. You should present yourself in a professional and confident manner.

For women, wear a light-coloured top with a pair of trousers or skirt that reaches below or at your knees. We picked a white short-sleeved top that matches this houndstooth straight cut trousers from our website.




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White short-sleeved top:

Houndstooth straight cut trousers:

For footwear, wear a pair of black heels if you are comfortable in them. Alternatively, flats work just as well.

For men, wear a classic button-down shirt with smart pants. To appear more polished, put on a tie. As for footwear, wear a pair of brown or black dress shoes. 

Try wearing colours such as grey or blue for a more approachable look.


Purchase the fit here:

Navy blue and white mini checkered button down shirt:

Dark blue corduroy pants:


2. Business casual 

As there is no clear or standardised definition for what business casual means, pick clothes that are not too casual or too formal. 

For women, we found this navy blue jumpsuit that features a flattering silhouette. It has the perfect balance of casual yet formal elements. You can also consider layering with a black or grey-coloured blazer.



Sandals or open-toed shoes might be allowed depending on the company’s preference but wearing flip flops is a no-no!

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Navy wide neck jumpsuit:

For men, appropriate business casual attire would be something like this button-down shirt and dark blue corduroy pants to match. Stick to Oxfords or brogues for shoes.



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Button-down shirt:

Dark blue corduroy pants:


3. Smart casual

This work attire is definitely more relaxed than the first two. If you are applying for industries that are on the creative side, you can afford to show your personality more through your individual style. 

But remember not to get too crazy with bold patterns or loud prints! After all, you are still attending a professional interview. 

For women, find a shirt with a pop of colour like this lilac eyelet sleeve top. Swap out those trousers and throw on a pair of high-waisted denim jeans instead.



Grab a pair of flats or boots to complete the smart casual look! 

Purchase the fit here: 

Light lilac eyelet half sleeve top:

Double button cuffed jeans:

For men, button-down shirts, relaxed T-shirts, or a V-neck sweater are appropriate for a smart casual interview. Keep the colours neutral and coordinated!

We picked out this light grey button-down shirt with denim jeans. The shirt is full-length as it gives a smarter appearance.




Wear a pair of loafers to finish off the look! 

Purchase the fit here:  

Light grey button-down shirt:

Blue denim jeans: :

We hope these tips helped you clear your doubts on what to wear for your next job interview. All outfits stated can be found on our website, simply click the links provided! Happy shopping and good luck!

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