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Rock Your Weekend Outfits (End of Phase 2 Heightened Alert!)

18th August 2021!… does that date ring a bell?

It’s the end of Phase 2 Heightened Alert! This means we are able to have social gatherings, higher operating capacities at attractions and bigger groups at events. Also, dining in measures were eased up recently. Hoping that’s good news for Singapore and that it will only get better from here! (So you can thrift safely with REFASH! 😉)

Let’s take a look at some trendy outfits you can wear to your weekend dates


1) Plain Top + Patterned Wide Leg Pants + Blazer Outerwear

Top: https://refash.sg/products/black-ribbed-basic-top?variant=40732258926743

Bottom: https://refash.sg/products/blue-white-cotton-checkered-pants?variant=40458210214039 

Outerwear: https://refash.sg/products/dark-denim-jacket?variant=40725763293335 

Way to go, looking like a boss 😎 Play around with the colours in your closet, anything basic + patterned would look great together!


2) Rompers / Jumpsuits

Romper: https://refash.sg/products/white-peach-floral-v-neck-romper 

Jumpsuit: https://refash.sg/products/beige-buttoned-jumpsuit

They’re already outfits on their own, don’t you think? 😍


3) Top + Mini/Midi Skirt + Denim Jacket


Top: https://refash.sg/products/green-leather-cami?variant=40724004864151 

Mini Skirt: https://refash.sg/products/brown-plaid-a-line-mini-skirt?variant=40605670015127 

Jacket: https://refash.sg/products/light-wash-denim-jacket 


Top: https://refash.sg/products/navy-blue-floral-sleeveless-silky-crop-top 

Midi Skirt: https://refash.sg/products/camel-beige-midi-pencil-skirt 

Jacket: https://refash.sg/products/light-wash-denim-jacket 

With or without a jacket, it’s a look!


4) Mini / Midi / Maxi Dress

Mini Dress 1: https://refash.sg/products/white-floral-embroidered-cold-shoulder-dress 

Mini Dress 2: https://refash.sg/products/purple-textured-puffy-sleeves-dress?variant=40629448048791 

Mini Dress 3: https://refash.sg/products/black-buttoned-mini-dress 


Midi Dress 1: https://refash.sg/products/red-midi-dress 

Midi Dress 2: https://refash.sg/products/mustard-yellow-puff-sleeve-dress 

Midi Dress 3: https://refash.sg/products/baby-blue-floral-flare-midi-dress-bnwt 


Maxi Dress 1: https://refash.sg/products/zora-slip-dress?variant=40725094498455 

Maxi Dress 2: https://refash.sg/products/olive-green-button-down-dress?variant=40733734142103 

Maxi Dress 3: https://refash.sg/products/blue-based-floral-dress 

SO many to choose from! What a pleasant variety… 🥰

To spice it up, pair your outfits with some classic sneakers or sandals, accessories and a bag to keep your valuables close 💛

We have a variety from our local market brands:

Sandals and Heels: https://refash.sg/collections/shop-all?sort_by=title-descending&gf_206067=Shoes 


Accessories: https://refash.sg/collections/shop-all?sort_by=best-selling&gf_206067=Accessories 

Bags: https://refash.sg/collections/shop-all?sort_by=price-ascending&gf_206067=Bags 


Of course most importantly, we’re still in a pandemic (not post-pandemic sadly…🥺) so don’t forget your mask to go along with the outfits!


Masks: https://refash.sg/collections/shop-all?page=2&gf_206067=Face%20Masks 

Don’t miss out and shop at REFASH for amazing outfits you can wear to all your lovely weekend dates 💖

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