Must-have pieces for your closet!! 🌞🌻

Must-have pieces for your closet!! 🌞🌻

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Since we are in Singapore and its literally summer all year round, here are some pieces that are in trend that you can also rock all year round.

1. Midi dresses!

Running late for work?

Don’t want to shave your legs?

Not in the mood to squeeze yourself into a pair of pants or jeans?

Feeling like a princess?

Can’t think of any outfit ideas?


Moreover, midi dresses don’t discriminate; it’s a midi dress if you’re tall, maxi dress if you’re shorter, it’s basically a win-win situation for everyone. Midi dresses are so versatile you can dress them up and down just by switching out your shoes. That’s multiple looks with just 1 dress, uh, yes please!

Killer heels and a red lip ― confident and bold.

Classic pair of white sneakers ― street style, relaxed cool girl vibe, celebrity look.

Pointed toe kitten heel ― sophisticated and chic.

Flat sandals ― casual, laid back and comfortable.

Aren't they just the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe? 😋



2. Prints

Prints are almost everywhere; animal print, polka dots, cherry prints, floral print. The list goes on. But one of the boldest prints there is has to be animal prints and you either love it or hate it, there is no in between for that. 😅 Personally, I looooooove a statement piece that makes an impression when I'm out!

In case you needed more reasons to wear animal prints; they made their appearance in high fashion brands like Gucci, Tom Ford and Roberto Cavali during the runway for Summer. 🤩😍

Prints have always been an easy and quick way to make a statement with your outfit, leaving an impeccable impression on those who have seen you. If you’re feeling extra bold, mix your prints like how Burberry did on the runway!


3. Sandals

Sandals are the perfect summer shoes. From the beach to work to a stroll at night at Jewel, it fits all the occasions perfectly. Long pants, shorts, long dresses, short dresses, it fits them all.

Don’t want to cage up your feet into a tiny hole with laces all day long, well, slip them into sandals and you’re ready to go. With a pair of trusty sandals, they would help dress down an outfit and make your outfit look much more effortless. Plus, they’re sooooo comfy!

p.s. we are having a collaboration with Seira Elves on 13 and 14th July where you can get a pair of trusty sandals to help dress down your outfits, more information here 😁


4. Yoga Pants

I'm pretty sure there is nothing better than a comfortable pair of yoga pants, so versatile, so comfy, so flexible. 🤤 If I could, I would live in one without ever wearing proper clothes.

Yes, yes, you might think that yoga pants are only for workout but here's a mini hack for you; you can actually wear yoga pants with any top!!! Huge hoodie ✔ T-shirt ✔ Singlet ✔ Workout Top ✔ Tank top ✔ Sports bra ✔ There is literally nothing better than Yoga Pants!!!!

In case you didn't know, we are carrying activewear exclusively at TRIO Mall!! It ranges from sports bra to yoga pants of brands from Adidas to Under Armour, selling at a fraction of their retail price!!

For those interested in selling us their activewear, you can sign up here under our Cleanout scheme for upfront cash or credit quotation!

5. Straw Hats

Hats should be a staple in all of your closets, even if you think that you are not a "hat person". Bad hair day, no makeup day, running late, just throw on a hat and people will actually think that you tried really hard putting together your entire outfit, one that matches perfectly with your hat.

For this summer, one of the hats that is in trend are Straw hats! Straw hats basically exists almost in all forms; bucket hat, pin cushion hat and floppy hats. Some hats even comes with a bow, tassels and some even with a pom trim! In case you need something more different, it even comes in black!

Nothing screams summer more than a straw hat when you're at the beach, with a glass of pina colada, absorbing all the warmth on a beach towel. Just thinking about it alone makes me want to drop everything I have and head out to the beach already! 😎🌞

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