Hello all! 😸✨ We’re back with another blog post again, but this time featuring the people in #TeamREFASH! Today, we’ll get to know more about Krystabelle, as she shares her experience as a marketing intern at Refash. Krys joined Refash in Feb 2021, where we were then hit with WFH measures soon after 🏡👩🏻‍💻


Hello Krys!


Share an interesting fact about yourself.

After my promotional exams in J1, I visited the trampoline park with my friends and I ended up tearing a ligament in my left foot. I had to spend 2 weeks bedridden and could not enjoy my post-exams freedom at all… 😭 When I went back to school, I was either pushed in a wheelchair by my friends (who I think thoroughly enjoyed themselves) or hopping around with my crutches. Though I gained 2 weeks of MC from this injury (which is so shiok when you think about it), it was a dreadful experience losing my freedom to move and I have vowed to never visit a trampoline park again! 

That sounds painful.. Fun fact, she was a dancer in JC and had to withdraw from a major performance post injury 😰 Glad you’re okay now and can now go back to dancing!! 👯‍♀️ Maybe you’ll get over your fear of trampoline parks soon..


Where it all happened.


What was your job scope at REFASH? 

As a marketing intern, I had the opportunity to manage and create content for REFASH’s social media accounts, more specifically our #Tiktok page and REFASH blog posts. Additionally, I supported the digital team by managing listings on our online site and fulfilling online orders. I also had the privilege of spearheading the launch of REFASH’s new Maternity & Kids collection, together with my fellow partner Zoey!

She’s a tiktok star? What else can she not do? View some of Krys’ tiktoks here & here. Managing listings and order fulfilment 📦 🚚 is one of the most important parts of as our thrifters are starting to thrift online instead now, especially after the circuit breaker last year! We’re also building up our new collection for mommies and babies so keep your eyes peeled for that mommies!! 😉✨


Hard work pays off.


How was your internship?

It has been a fruitful 5 months and counting and I have definitely learnt a lot! From supporting the digital team at REFASH to making store visits weekly, I would say that my experience has been a holistic one that allowed me to undertake different responsibilities and meet our diverse thrifting community. 

We would bring bags of stocks to the stores and help to ensure the store was zhng-ed nicely for our thrifters.. It was so fun doing store visits together!! 👗🏬 p.s. photos were taken in compliance with COVID-19 regulations (up to 8 unique household visitors a day + we used a tripod to take the pic)


Krys (first row, left most) at our company’s CNY gathering this year! 


Sustainable fashion

During my time at REFASH, I have experienced a change in mindset towards #secondhandfashion and dressing #sustainably. As our founder Aloysius Sng always reminds us, secondhand does not always mean second best. This shift in mindset has made me gravitate towards shopping at thrift stores (like REFASH) instead of fast fashion stores! 

Furthermore, as the world moves towards #sustainableliving, more and more people are incorporating sustainable practices into their daily lives. However, I believe that though #sustainablefashion is a concept that is widely known, it is unfortunately not as extensively discussed. Though there are many sustainable fashion advocates such as model Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer) and blogger Natalie Kay Costello (@sustainablychic) constantly championing for a sustainable future, I believe that more of us can come together to help this voice grow louder. 

We totally agree with you!! 🤩 Such a mindset is what we need to make a change in this world 🌍 Fun fact, Krystabelle has been enthusiastically helping Refash recycle our paper products and plastic bottles everyday Thank you for being our sustainable sister! 🤍🌱


At REFASH Anchorpoint to shoot content for REFASH's Instagram!


Any last words?

I am extremely grateful to our founders Aloysius and Shawn for giving me the opportunity to join the REFASH team and for allowing me to grow as a person and learn more about the industry. Looking forward to seeing how REFASH can grow in SEA!

Update: Krystabelle has ended her internship with REFASH. We wish you all the best and we’ll definitely miss you! 💖 


Thank you for reading and look forward to our next blog post!

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