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If you haven’t realised, the past few entries were written by our new writers! Get to know them a little more in this post and find out what other content you can look forward to in the months to come!


Who is Joni? 


Hello! My name is Joni (pronounced jo-knee) and I’m 20 this year. I am currently a final year student from Singapore Polytechnic, studying a Diploma in Business Management! I enjoy creating content for social media and exploring different creative outlets! I’m really into fashion as well, dabbling into various styles over the years. Other than that, I enjoy doing home workouts and yoga as it gives me an outlet to de-stress! 


How did you start writing for REFASH?

As part of my academic requirement, I joined REFASH in September 2020 as an intern. I was given the opportunity to create more content for the company’s socials and managing the blog is one of them! I’ve never really worked on a blog before so this is an interesting experience! I really do enjoy brainstorming new ideas and putting together outfits for fashion related content!


What else do you do for REFASH?

As mentioned above, I work on the social media pages with Denise! We plan content for events and we’ve just launched the company’s TikTok page! (@refashsg if you’re interested!) Other than that, I help out in the packing of online orders and manage the listings on our site!


What are some topics we can look forward to in the next few months?

I’ll be sure to bring you more content related to fashion, styling tips and fashion trends. I’ll also cover lifestyle content!


Who is Denise?

Hello everyone! It’s Denise here! I’m 20 years old and I’m currently a student at Temasek Polytechnic majoring in Marketing. Not going to lie, I would say I’m a relatively boring person……….. I don’t have many hobbies and those that I do have are pretty mundane. However, I would say that I love eating and making food. I developed the interest because when I was younger, both my parents would cook but they never allowed me in the kitchen, in fear I would burn the house down. So, this interest pretty much grew out of curiosity. Apart from that, I enjoy exploring and researching about different fashion trends! Which explains why I am here at REFASH. 


How did you start writing for REFASH?

I applied for a marketing internship position here at Refash and I started working in September of 2020! Ever since then, writing content for the blog was one of the few tasks I was given to do. Together with Joni, we try to post 1 blog post per week! Writing content for a blog was not something I've done before or learnt about in school so to be able to experience it now is pretty cool! 


What else do you do in REFASH?

Since Refash is a relatively small company, I am able to try out many different roles! From daily operational matters to our marketing activities. To be more specific, some of the tasks would include: curating content for all our social media pages, hosting our Facebook Live, (FYI: we host our Facebook Lives twice a month on tuesdays!) fulfilment of orders and helping upload the listings on our website.


What are some topics we can look forward to in the next few months?

In the months to come, I will be covering absolutely any topic under the sun! Apart from fashion and beauty related subjects, I would love to indulge in lifestyle content too! 

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