Loyal Customers Deserve The Best - Here’s what's new 💖

Loyal Customers Deserve The Best - Here’s what's new 💖


CALLING ALL AVID THRIFTERS 🔊🔉 Introducing to you, Refash’s new and improved membership program, REFASH Thrifter Club, catered to give you the best experience here at REFASH 💖

Many of you guys may know about the current membership program, where you earn points to get discounts when you shop online or in-store. Just discounts? I’m pretty sure many may think that discounts can’t be the only benefit we are giving to our loyal supporters. Fret not, the new and improved membership program is here to provide you with more benefits and rewards ✨


1. Membership Tiers  📊


Thrifter: Everyone is welcomed to be a Thrifter! Sign up for free and immediately earn a $5 welcome reward upon registration. Yes, you heard us right! Instead of giving a 50-point welcome benefit, we have decided to give you guys a $5 welcome reward to welcome you to our Refash Thrifter Club! 

Super Thrifter: Already a Thrifter? Don’t worry, we got something for your bunch too! Get upgraded to a Super Thrifter after spending a total of $250! No, you don’t have to spend $250 at once, relax! All you have to do is accumulate a total spending of $250 in your tier cycle which lasts for 12 months and you will be automatically upgraded to a Super Thrifter! Becoming a Super Thrifter means more benefits of course! Firstly, being upgraded into a Super Thrifter will automatically provide you with a $10 welcome reward under “My Rewards”. That’s not all! You will be given another $5 reward every month which can be redeemed and used with a minimum spending of $50! Also, Happy Birthday! We are now also giving all Super Thrifters an extra $5 birthday reward for you guys to use to pamper yourselves during YOUR special month! And not to forget, we will be giving you guys PRIORITY ACCESS to sales and events! 

Ultimate Thrifter: OG REFASH Members! This one's for you! Once you have accumulated a total spending of $750 since you first joined, we will proudly convert you into an Ultimate Thrifter! Similar benefits BUT with more value! Just like the Super Thrifter, once you get upgraded to become an Ultimate Thrifter, a $20 welcome reward will be automatically credited to your account. You will also receive an extra $5 off for the monthly and birthday rewards making it a $10 reward in total. Priority access for sales and events will be given to Ultimate Thrifters too!


2. Types of Rewards 🏆

REFASH Thrifter Club is introducing and giving you guys more rewards and benefits! We have the Welcome Rewards to reward you for becoming a loyal member of REFASH, Monthly Rewards, Birthday Rewards as a gift from us to YOU, Redemption Rewards from your own purchases and also Referral Rewards when you get your loved ones to join the Thrifter Club and spend at REFASH! (psst.. The referral reward is for both you and the person who uses your referral code!!) These rewards can be used online in the comfort of your own home and/or in-store! We are introducing 4 new rewards on top of the redemption rewards that have been used in the past to make sure you get only the BEST. All rewards have a 30-day validity period except for the monthly reward which is valid within 7-days of activation. All these rewards are being specially catered for YOU!


3. How to Earn Points & Redeem them for Rewards? 💸

Earning Points

I’m pretty sure all of you are wondering “Hmm how do I earn points?” Similar to the previous membership program, you will earn 1 point with every dollar spent online or in-store. Nope, don’t worry, that is not the only way you can earn points! You can also earn points by clearing out your wardrobe and selling your clothes to Refash! Let me let you in on a little secret… Sellers will get 50% more points when they choose to be paid via membership points instead of cash 🤫! You can also earn bonus points through special campaigns.

Redeeming Points 

To redeem your points, simply head over to the membership portal! You can then click on ‘Rewards’ and choose whether you want to redeem your rewards for Online or In-Store purchase. However, a staff password will be required when you are making the redemption in-store. All you need to do is hand over your phone to the staff on shift and the redemption will be completed immediately after the password input.   

That is all you need to know about the NEW and IMPROVED membership program, REFASH Thrifter Club! Don’t say I never jio! What are you waiting for? Sign up to be a member of the Thrifter Club now and get your $5 welcome reward!! Don’t forget to ask your loved ones to join too! Happy Thrifting ~

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