Inside REFASH: Aloy's birthday!

Inside REFASH: Aloy's birthday!

REFASH is the type of company where we work hard and play hard, celebrations are always super fun and crazy that you don’t even realise hoooourrrsss have already passed and it’s already 2am. It was our CEO Aloy’s birthday on 24th June and as expected, it was insane. Here’s how it went!

We started off in the office trying to decide on a date to go for a good dinner (without Aloy in the office, of course) but we realized that there were no available dates the week before his birthday. After some liaising, planning and cancelling of appointments, it was confirmed, we were going to Aloy’s place right after work. 🤪

Everything was so impromptu we ordered our dinner on Grabfood whilst in the car to send it over. From customized party hats to stickers with Aloy's face on it, we got it all covered! 😏💯

Some hiccups we faced along the way which I thought was pretty funny and worth the mention:

1. Forgetting the cake when we were already at the carpark and having to rush up to the office to get it

2. Aloy wanting to leave the house for dinner even before we reached

3. Squeezing in the car for about an hour with balloons and our party hats

After having a very hearty dinner as an entire team we then went on to play some games to compete against one another which were sooo intense there were shouting and slapping of hands involved. 😆
It was indeed a fulfilling Monday for all of us and I think it's safe to say that Aloy was pleasantly surprised with us showing up to his place unannounced! Can't wait for the next time our company will get together and have this much fun again!! 😋✨ 
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