How to shop smart!

How to shop smart!

With more and more sales impending in August, you will undoubtedly be rummaging through racks of clothes trying to get some of the best items that we have. To help you through the upcoming battles (and queue), here are some tips for you to get you through REFASH’s sales as pleasantly as possible. As the saying goes, work smart not work hard! 😎

1. Pricing

For REFASH's sales, the first and most important thing to do is to look out for our price boards around the entire store for what the actual prices will be! 👀 Items tagged with fixed price will be slightly more expensive as they are of higher quality, better brand or newer trend.

2. Salvation army tag

Some of our stocks are provided by Salvation Army whose proceeds will go towards their different beneficiaries. I'm sure you will feel amazing knowing that the profit goes towards helping the community while still being able to shop for yourself and get new clothes. A win-win situation for all 😏

p.s. this tag is more important than you think; lookout for our next few posts to find out why! (Trust me on this one, you would not want to miss it!)

3. Restocks

The best time to come to our warehouse sales will definitely be as early as possible! That is when our racks are freshly filled with all types of clothes, and when they haven't been messed up by others yet. 😁 Coming for as many days as possible will ensure that you get a fresh look of everything that we have! Fret not for those who are coming after work or school, regular top-ups are also done throughout the day to ensure that there is always something for you. 😉👌

4. Bring your own bag

We are playing a part in protecting the environment by removing our plastic bags! For sales like the ones at REFASH where you would be buying tons of clothes, we highly recommend you bring your own recycle bags for your new buys!

Other than at REFASH, you should also be bringing your own tote bag everywhere you go. Doesn't hurt to have a small bag with you am I right? 😉

5. Payment

With cashless payment becoming popular, more and more people are not carrying cash around with them anymore. A simple tap is enough for you to spend money without even seeing cash! Payment methods we accept are cash, nets and DBS max. For those going cashless entirely, we've got you covered! 🤩 Simply get ready with your cash, card or phone when approaching the cashier so you will not stop the queue from moving forward. 😊

6. Look through every rack

With the number of racks that we have at every sale, make sure to go through literally every item that we have to ensure that you have seen everything that we have on sale! Can you imagine leaving the shop and finding out that we actually have the dress that you have been eyeing on for the past few months? And someone else had gotten it? Ugh. 😫 For me personally, I like to start with the corner and work my way through the entire store, going through all the hangers and grabbing whatever catches my eye! I will then return the items that I do not wish to get to any of the sales associates working, be sure to be nice about it! 😁

And these are the tips that I have for you to shop smartly and effectively during our sales! Be sure to look out for our next few posts to find out when and where our sales will be happening for the month of August, see you there! ✨

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