How to Dress According to Your BODY TYPE ✨💖

How to Dress According to Your BODY TYPE ✨💖

...Ever had trouble with clothes not looking flattering? 

It IS very tempting to buy cute clothes, but sometimes it’s tough to find the right size or cutting.

Before that, just a key reminder from me: All bodies are BEAUTIFUL. Buy the right clothes, because you are not meant to fit the clothes, the clothes are meant to fit you. 💕

Get to know your body type and find clothes on that fit you like a glove!

(With clothes that are not serving you anymore, donate it or sell it and get clothes that bring out the best in you. 😊 Looking for a place to sell your clothes? Try  




✔️ What to wear:
Generally, fitted tops and bottoms that show off your waist or figure!

Some examples:

  • A-line skirts
  • Skinny jeans
  • Tailored shirts/suit
  • Wrap tops, wrap dresses
  • High-waisted pants
  • Fitted dresses

Avoid: Clothes with no shape, loose/baggy/oversized clothes, heavy fabrics, boxy styles 



✔️ What to wear:
Generally, pieces that add volume or bring eyes to the top!

Some examples:

  • Jackets with structured shoulders
  • Printed tops
  • Simple, flat front trousers
  • A-line skirts just below the knees
  • Flared, bootcut jeans to balance the hips
  • Low to medium waist pants
  • Interesting accessories (brings attention upwards!)

Avoid: Anything that adds bulk to the bottom, tight clothes, horizontal detailing on tops, shoulder bags resting at hips



✔️ What to wear:
Clothes that highlight your neckline and hips!

Some examples:

  • Deep v-necks
  • Full skirts
  • Wide-legged jeans
  • Scooped necklines, low jewellery

Avoid: Anything that adds width to wide parts of body, horizontal details, tapered pants



✔️ What to wear: 
Clothing items that accentuates your top half and gives you shape!


Some examples:

  • Gently tailored clothes defining the waist
  • Wrap tops that enhance bust, waist
  • Bias skirts
  • Fitted, tailored shirts
  • Abstract, bold bright prints
  • Clothes of contrasting colours

Avoid: Boxy styles, vertical details, shoulder pads, jackets/tops buttoned all the way, tops hanging straight down



✔️ What to wear:
Pieces that accentuate the neckline, shoulders, bust and waist!


Some examples:

  • Tops with deep v-neck

  • Tops with open scoop neck

  • Vertical stripes

  • Flat-front trousers

  • Wrap-over tops

  • Straight leg pants

  • Soft, light, flowy, feminine 

  • Gentle a-line skirts

Avoid: Clothes that add bulk, baggy or pleated skirts, cropped trousers, horizontal detailing


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Wear what makes you feel confident 💞

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