GET TO KNOW US 🌷 31 Rapid-Fire Questions

GET TO KNOW US 🌷 31 Rapid-Fire Questions

Get to know your hosts for an upcoming IG Live with us on 31st August 2021 ✨🌻 (Psst… our boss gave us the name “The Thrifty Trio” 🤣) 

31 rapid-fire questions… LET’S GO!


1. 1 thing you would never leave your house without

Randel: PHONE! 

Rina: My keys.. I wanna come home 🥲🔑

Jillian: My phone


2. 16personalities type?

Randel: I always can’t remember, but should be ISFP!

Rina: INFJ-T

Jillian: I’m too lazy to take…

3. Top biggest fear! 

Randel: Losing loved ones

Rina: Out of MANY… probably heights 🧍🏻‍♀️

Jillian: Getting permanent injuries 


4. Be smarter… or richer? 😏

Randel: Rich

Rina: Richer… (already smart winkwink, jk HAHAHA) 

Jillian: SMARTER


5. Board games or card games! 🎲


Rina: BOARD — more fun, especially with friends! 

Jillian: Board!


6. Favorite thing you own? 

Randel: My bed

Rina: Hand sanitiser/hand cream

Jillian: MY IPAD


7. Netflix or Youtube? 📺 

Randel: Netflix

Rina: Netflix

Jillian: YOUTUBE


8. Which celebrity do you want as your ultimate BFF? 

Randel: Bobby 

Rina: Jessi! 

Jillian: Maddie Ziegler


9. Best thrift buy! 🛒 

Randel: NEWLOOK jeans for $4.95!? crazy deal

Rina: $7 burberry top!

Jillian: My white Tinsel Rack dress, IT WAS $9.90


10. English or Mathematics? 

Randel: MATH for sure

Rina: English!!!

Jillian: Math


11. Chemistry, Biology or Physics?

Randel: Physics

Rina: Biology 🧪 

Jillian: Physics


12. Which country do you want to travel to the most? 🌎 

Randel: Paris

Rina: Maldives 

Jillian: Indonesia/Philippines 


13. Bus or train?

Randel: Train

Rina: Train! I want to try those trains overseas with long journeys, on cushioned seats and food provided

Jillian: Train faster


14. Top favorite food! 🍴 

Randel: Mala fish/Chuan Chuan/Korean food

Rina: Sushi

Jillian: Sushi


15. Top favorite animal!

 Randel: Pig 🐽 


Jillian: Doggy 


16. Best bubble tea brand! 🧋 

Randel: Playmade

Rina: Koi for now

Jillian: I don’t drink bbt but Gongcha!


17. Pancakes or waffles? 🧇🥞 

Randel: Pancake

Rina: Waffles!

Jillian: Wafflessss


18. Favorite pasta type?

Randel: Penne

Rina: Penne 

Jillian: Penne


19. A superpower you want to have? 🦸‍♀️ 

Randel: Time travel

Rina: Invisibility 

Jillian: Teleportation because I’m lazy to travel


20. Last thing you spent money on 💸

Randel: Pineapple rice that tasted like nothing 

Rina: My Subway breakfast

Jillian: My dinner


21. Sweet or savoury food? 

Randel: Savoury 

Rina: Savoury 100%

Jillian: Savoury


22. Pineapples on pizza? 🍕 

Randel: YES YES YES 

Rina: I don’t mind

Jillian: YES


23. Ultimate comfort food?

Randel: Butter sugar bread 

Rina: Porridge!!!

Jillian: Ramen


24. Favorite show to watch now? 

Randel: Running Man

Rina: Sixth Sense! 



25. Start work late or leave work early? (*Hints to boss*) 


Rina: Leave work earlyyyyy 🤠

Jillian: Leave work early bruh

26. Astrology sign!

Randel: Sagittarius

Rina: Aquarius

Jillian: LIBRA


27. Which is worse to you — angry client or angry coworker?

Randel: Coworker :(

Rina: Angry coworker HAHAHA

Jillian: Angry coworker


28. Favorite ice cream flavour? 

Randel: Strawberry/melon

Rina: Cookies and cream

Jillian: Cookies and cream


29. Do you match your mask to your outfits?

Randel: Lowkey yes

Rina: With whatever color my mum buys… some days yes

Jillian: No, where got time


30. Best ride in an amusement park? 🎡

Randel: Oh anything not too scary

Rina: Carousel

Jillian: Battlestar Galactica


31. Go-to fast food place 🍔

Randel: MCD

Rina: Macs, because it’s everywhere!

Jillian: Macs 

Did you learn a lot about The Thrifty Trio through this round of rapid-fire questions? 🤩 

Catch us on IG Live on 31 August 2021 and join in the fun to see dresses, tops, bottoms and many more that will be on sale! Come and talk to us, we are excited to see you there and learn more about you too 🥳

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