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Get to know more about our RF Live selling host, Joey Wan!

Hello all! We’re back with another blog post after our #supportlocal series. If you haven’t, do check them out! 😁

Some of you may have seen us held our first RF LIVE session on Facebook last week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, meeting our shoppers online again after a long hiatus! Our host, Joey Wan, did a great job trying out the clothes on your behalf over a whopping 7 hours live session! The first live sale session garnered more than 3,500 views, with many shoppers asking us when we’ll be back again! 

Because YOU ASK FOR IT, we have planned in 2 more RF live sessions this week, details to be announced on our social media! Remember to like us @Refashsg on Facebook so that you’ll be notified whenever we go live!

To get you more engaged with our RF Live host, we caught up with Joey over the weekend to chat on her life and her experience with doing live selling so far.

Who is Joey?

Hello! My name is Joey and I’m 26 this year. I have been working as a cabin crew in a foreign airline for the past 2 years! Fun fact: I've gone for interviews with various airlines in a span of 4 years before I eventually managed to get my current job, simply because I am 1cm shorter. Some side facts about me - I love travelling, dancing, exercising, meeting new people and having new experiences!

Omg, all that effort just because of 1cm! So glad that you persevered and managed to achieve your goal after 4 years!

Why live sessions to declutter?

I have come a long way…

My first experience selling preloved was through Carousell in 2014. My first flea market experience was also in 2014 back when they were still popular. I remember that it was hosted by TBM Three Blind Mice and my sales were only $40, which was just enough to cover the rental.

Subsequently, the preloved flea markets started disappearing and till date, I still wonder why companies stopped organising such sale events when our wardrobes are still bursting with clothes! However, I figured that venues might be costly and preloved items weren’t selling well.

In 2016, I found “Fleawhere Lucky Plaza Sunday Flea Market” and did my first sale in 2017. It has been my yearly routine since then.

With the Covid-19 situation, I have stopped working since Mid-March and had the luxury of time, to post my items on Carousell instead. Determined to clear my wardrobe and work towards a minimalist lifestyle, I took real-life photos, took measurements and sold my items within a price range of $3 - $8/item. In two weeks, I sold $500 worth of preloved via Carousell!

After much procrastination and seeing my friend who did live sessions when Carousell wasn’t working well for her, it made going live seem less daunting! With so much time on hand and nothing much to lose, I decided to give it a try!

Who else remembers the Three Blind Mice days? Bringing your own mat to lay your clothes out and making your prices as low as $1 at the end of the day so you don't have to lug your luggage back with clothes hahahaha

First Live Experience.

I rarely watched live videos prior to my first live and have never bought anything from live sessions. Thus, I thought live was just a one-man show speaking in front of the camera.

I did my first live from 930pm till 2am (4.5hrs) and I was unprepared for the massive response. Unfamiliar with the order taking process, I had to rewatch the entire live session till sunrise. From consolidating orders to receiving payments, to packing and mailing - It was tedious because everything was done manually.

Despite all the work, I was amazed by the massive response and was deeply encouraged when I saw how everyone was being so kind and supportive! All I did was share my live to a Facebook group with no other prior marketing done. I was unsure if it was mere beginners’ luck or if I was good at this.

4.5 hours?! That's a really long live session for the first time 😮😨

Interesting Stories.

I was approached by a couple of people to sell products such as teeth whitening kit, electronics, preloved apparel and jewellery. A wise man told me: “Not every window is a good opportunity window. While people see your success, they will tend to latch on it. You need to be focused when starting a new venture. Do not get distracted.” I just didn't feel that selling random products would work for me.

Also! I lost 2 kg within 2 weeks of doing FB live haha must be all the stress and packing. I have stopped exercising for two weeks as the sessions were taking up a lot of time and energy. It may seem easy but there is a lot of work and improvement to be made if you want to do this on a long term basis.

Why work with REFASH?

REFASH is an environmentally friendly business and is a great platform for all women to sell and buy ‘Like-New’ clothes. Shopping second-hand can contribute to the decrease in worldwide textile demand, carbon emission and subsequent waste.

That's right! REFASH aims to help with the textile waste produced by fast fashion, making clothes more affordable for everyone, while still staying in style!

I'm not expecting fast fashion to be put to an end but I hope to slow it down. REFASH is an upscale thrift store and is here to help shed the stigma about buying secondhand clothes. E.g a customer is willing to buy a new dress for $40 but refuses to pay half the price for a preloved that is in new condition and still in style.

We need to increase the awareness and movement for women to thrift shop and make this a sustainable habit. Personally, I share the same vision as REFASH and would love to play a part to spread this message and movement to more people, hence I decided to work with them!

At the moment, REFASH is revamping and working to improve the process for both seller and buyers to make this experience pleasant and sustainable :)

Will you still be a live host Post-COVID?

Yes! I enjoy speaking and going to live without packing and administrative work. I often remind myself to keep an open mind, thinking about how else can I monetise this “talent” of mine. So currently, I am focusing on developing my skill set to advance my career beyond a cabin crew!

Post Covid-19, flying will no longer be the same with more rules and regulations in place. If someone offers me an opportunity to earn more than what I am getting as a crew, I will grab that opportunity! Unless it's a job that does not align with my values.

Experience Takeaways.

Like what you do and do what you like. Being able to earn some cash from it is a bonus! It feels good to discover something new (about this platform and myself).

Not going to lie, it feels good when people compliment my collection of clothes and dressing style! I really enjoy the interaction when people leave comments and help to share the live videos :)

Will you recommend live hosting & any advice for them?

Just do it. If you don't try, you’ll never know!

There you have it, step out of your comfort zone and try new things! You'll never know what you might take away from it! Thank you for reading all the way here, be sure to check out our Facebook page for more RF Live sessions with Joey!

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