Ecofest 2019!!

Ecofest 2019!!

To try something new this year, we will be having our first ever Ecofest in August! In hopes of raising awareness about the environment, we will be collaborating with a few other companies to make Ecofest come to life! 😁


So what exactly is Ecofest?

Ecofest will be a 2-day event on 24th and 25th August hosted by REFASH over at TRIO Mall from 12 pm-6 pm! Ecofest 2019 will be a collaboration with 3 companies to provide a one-stop-shop for those of you who want to be environmentally friendly. 💯👌

Purpose of Ecofest

REFASH wants to show our green efforts in wanting to join hands with other eco brands to push for sustainable living awareness and focus not only on fashion, which is primarily what REFASH is trying to achieve. We are also hoping to share the exposure to the smaller eco brands to help them achieve their specific goals and aims for their company.

Of course, coming hand in hand with the other companies, we would also like to have more people to be more conscious in regards to their daily habits and ultimately being able to eliminate the practice of a linear economy and move towards being a circular economy to reduce waste! ♻

Companies participating in Ecofest


The Zero Ways Pte Ltd is a lifestyle store, movement and an educator. Their mission is to normalize environmental and social consciousness not only nationally but also globally through the practice of the Circular economy. 💯 Love the fact that they are not only selling products to help people play a part in saving the environment, but to also educate people to be more aware of the environment and what they can do to help!



Cloversoft, by Alps Group, is committed to create and produce safe and eco-friendly daily consumables at affordable prices so that everyone can experience this change. Did you know that all the wipes in the markets are made from plastic which are also harmful to not just our skin but our environment??? 😱



BloomBack is a Lifestyle and Gift Concept shop that re-purposes old flowers from weddings and event, package them into little bouquets to bless cancer patients and lonely old folks. 💐🌺 On top of their online shop, BloomBack also provides workshops to provide the general public with a hands-on experience arranging their own floral arrangement. 🙌

What you can expect from Ecofest 2019

There will be much for you to expect and get out of Ecofest 2019, from functional products to feeling amazing for playing a part in saving the earth, we’ve got it all covered.

There will even be a (whole new!!!) mini activity for you to complete to win a $10 REFASH shopping voucher and stand a chance to win a grand prize of $500! All you have to do is to complete 3 mini-tasks in order to be eligible; purchase an item from any of our eco-partners, bring your own recycle bag for your REFASH items, purchase a 'Salvation Army' item. THAT’S IT! 3 simple tasks for so much to get, yes yes yes! 👍👍👍



24 August; Zeroways sales + workshop

Zeroways will be hosting a sale and as long as you spend a min. of $10 at their booth, you'll be entitled to a mini beeswax workshop on the spot, no sign-ups required! Learn how to make your very own reusable beeswax wrap to play a part in contributing to the environment, and save money on your end on clingwrap! Some things that they will be selling at Ecofest will be metal and bamboo straws, netted grocery bags and bamboo cutlery! 🍴

25 August; Cloversoft sales + BloomBack Workshop

Cloversoft will be at Ecofest 2019 with their different types of bamboo wipes ranging from facial tissues to antibacterial wipes and even their bamboo toilet tissues. You can basically settle your toiletries right over at Trio Mall on Sunday!

BloomBack will also be conducting a workshop on Sunday to allow you to have a hands-on experience on how to arrange and re-purpose donated flowers to give it out to their beneficiaries! Look out for our next blog post to find out more on what BloomBack is about and what will be going on during the workshop!

28 August to 2 September; REFASH Sale

As part of our Ecofest, we will also be having a huuuuuge sale over at Our Tampines Hub (be sure not to head to the wrong location!) where there will be soooo much for you to see, experience and feel! More information as to what there will be in the next few posts, keep your eyes peeled! P.S. a piece of insider information, you would definitely not want to miss out on this event, see you there! 😉🤗

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