Customer Spotlight: Geraldine!

Customer Spotlight: Geraldine!

Hi all! Welcome back! 😋

With thrift shopping being the “in-thing” now, you often see people walking around in their really worn out Harley Davidson, Looney Tunes, oversized tee shirts. They are so worn out aunties would want to turn them into floor cloths (no hate though, you do you!)

For those who want the prices of thrift shopping but for fast fashion items, you will for sure fall in love with REFASH. Having doubts because this is coming from an intern at REFASH? That’s okay, hear it from our own customer then. If you are one of our loyal readers who have been with us since 2018, you might be a bit familiar with this series “Customer Spotlight”.

Meet our top spender for the month of May, Geraldine! She owns a fashion store and she's a compulsive shopper! 😊✨

How did you find out about REFASH?

I happened to walk past a REFASH store after having lunch at my favourite Thai food place at Pomo.

How long have you been shopping with REFASH & Why did you continue shopping like-new with REFASH?

Close to 2 years.

It's always so fun shopping at REFASH as the prices are reasonable. I don't believe we have to spend a lot to look good and their designs always surprise me because there are so many to chose from and I always manage to score something unique after each visit.

What are some of your closet essentials?

Jeans with a cute crop blouse always do the trick. I also like easy to slip on maxi dresses for lazy days.

What are some of your best REFASH buys over the years?

I scored a couple of high street pieces for less than $20 and I even put together a wedding outfit that looked expensive and nobody believe I actually paid $5.90 for my top Hahahaha


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