Bunkerbunker!! #supportlocal

Bunkerbunker!! #supportlocal

In today's series of #supportlocal, we have Bunkerbunker!! and yes, the !! is a part of their name, how unique is that?!

Before starting off this post, we have a treat for y'all from Bunkerbunker!!. They are currently running a flat 20% promotion for their beers!

Just for you guys, take an additional 5% off your total bill! Simply quote “REFASHXBUNKER” when placing your beer orders :)

*Note that the additional 5% is only applicable for beer orders.

Order Site -https://www.bunkerbunker.sg/covid-19-delivery-list

To get recommendations - Contact Keola via SMS or WA (91821246)

Go on and order some beers for your closest friends, get on Zoom and have a chilled drinks night with your pals, who said staying at home means you couldn't spend time with your friends?? 😎

Keola, the proclaimed ringleader at Bunkerbunker!!, was working as a designer prior to stepping into the craft beer F&B industry. He has always taken interest in craft beers and used to work at a one-man operated craft beer bottle shop! As such, that was when he gained experience with selling a variety of craft beers - the main product of Bunkerbunker!! 😁

How did people feel about you opening Bunker?

I had prior experience with our main products (craft beers) so it was pretty alright in that aspect. I was more hesitant towards the food section and tried to seek as much advice as I could from everyone around me.

Everything happened so quickly and people were shocked that this business appeared out of nowhere. But thankfully, my peers and everyone around me were very supportive :)

In general, it is a norm for everyone to doubt the F&B industry as a whole in terms of building a successful business and no doubt it is one of the toughest career paths. Personally, all the encouragement I received did help in keeping the faith of the business.

How did you envision bunker to be?

F&B is ultimately still a service industry business and I think that the key factor about this is to offer hospitality and experience > certain product(s).

Bunker was conceptualised as a safe space where people can gather and are able to feel like they can be themselves and even move on to use the space for something they will want to do.

I wanted to build a space where local subcultures, art, design can be showcased and this space will be where people find new experiences with every visit :)

I’ve definitely not achieved everything I had hoped to for this space but I think I’m grateful for how much we have managed to pull off so far!

The interior space definitely looks unique! It looks so cosy yet vintage at the same time, definitely not lacking in the aesthetics department! 😍

Difference between Bunker and other bars

I think our vision for this space has kind of carried us to this point where we constantly find new ways to engage with our customers.

I thought it would have been great to make art so accessible to the public eye and at the same time, provide rising/new artists with a platform to showcase their art!

It is hard to say that this is what makes us different from other bars in SG but we’re definitely going for a different vibe. The design of this place itself is very much created by up-cycled materials and is located in a “building” that is made out of shipping containers - is a unique differentiating factor.

Having gone to Bunkerbunker!! myself previously, I would be lying if I said that the vibes there were not impeccable! 😋🥰 The exterior is really somewhere I would have chill drinks with my friends, just talking and catching up on everything!

Bunker Events

We have done a couple of collaborated events such as “Suka Suka Sundays”, themed kitchen pop-ups, artist showcase of merchandises, weddings, social effort events to raise funds for the community and pinkest event to advocate for LGBT rights!

Most of the time, we really look to collaborate with external partners to bring about a variety of events for our customers.

Bunker Memories

There’s a lot! Hmm, best memories would definitely be through collaborations. Strong connections are made and those feelings do last for a long time. It’s like watching a family grow!

Aside from that, our first-year anniversary party was definitely one of the best memories we’ve had. That was one crazy night 😂

I’ve also had a traumatic experience where I put in too much oil into the deep fryer, it over boiled and basically hot oil was spewing out of the fryer. That was one painful cleanup!

Bunker Team + COVID

I have been the only one managing the operations since Feb and since our operations are relatively small, we outsource the kitchen for residencies.

We’re currently working with a kitchen residency doing anime-inspired food!

For sure the business is taking a hit and to be honest, it just sucks that I’ve created a space for people to come together but that is now against the law. We’ve held up unexpectedly okay so far. Just hoping to tide through June and things will start to get better after.

Really looking forward to seeing Bunker filled with people + our regulars again!

Do check them out over at 120A Prinsep St, Singapore 187937 when you can! Trust me when I say the vibes are amazing to have a couple bottle of beers! Loved everything from the decor to the food! 🤗

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