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🌎 8 Countries With Recommended Places To Visit Once Travel Is Allowed ✈️

Do you miss travelling? I know I do…

Wanderlust must be one of the top feelings everyone around the world is feeling right now. 

While we are still unable to travel freely, let this be something to feed the wanderlust til’ we are able to! Here are some countries & places to visit (while fully vaxxed guys!).


New Zealand, the land of kiwis, milk and honey. It brims with impressive landscapes at every turn countrywide. They have mountains, glaciers, and lots of animals. (It is said that only 5% of their population are humans, while the other 95% are animals! 🤣)

Places you can visit: 

Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley

(Img: https://www.reddit.com/r/newzealand/comments/c7azwa/whakarewarewa_thermal_valley_te_puia_rotorua/

Here, you can get up close and personal with the natural geothermal features of New Zealand, where there are steaming pools, mud and geysers. The Māori people have lived here for a long time, co-existing with these amazing natural forces.

Lake Tekapo

(Img: https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image?phrase=lake+tekapo)

Beauty would be one word to summarise this place. Picture perfect by day and brilliantly gleaming by night, this is the perfect spot for pictures all day long. The teal coloured Lake Tekapo is accompanied by mountains as well. It is perfect for picturesque photos by the Lupine flowers, or stargazing with the night sky.


Turkey, the unique country that lies partly in Asia and partly in Europe, is the birthplace of the legend of Santa Claus and historical figures like Aesop and Saint Paul. Turkey’s natural flower is also tulips, how cute! 🌷 Every April, they honour the national flower for a week with events, concerts and competitions.

Places you can visit: 


(Img: https://www.travelanddestinations.com/travel-guide-visiting-cappadocia-turkey/

Probably one of the most fascinating attractions in the world, the natural structures of the fairy chimneys and beautiful skyline that you are able to view while on the hot air balloon brings you a new captivating experience. What’s above is equally as interesting as what’s on the ground, where they have homes, monasteries, buildings, stores, etc. that go way back in the 4th century.


(Img: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/pamukkale-turkey-unique-places-around-the-world.html)

This place is one of Turkey's most popular natural wonders, where the pure white and bright blue colours of the “Cotton Castle" will catch your attention once you are there. It may look like snow, but actually, they are carbonate minerals. Turkish citizens believe that bathing in the pools can cure illnesses and it is said that even Cleopatra bathed in them as well. Can you imagine taking a photo here while the sun sets? 😍


The world’s most populous country! With a population of about 1.4 billion citizens, their economy is relatively self-sustaining and self-sufficient. Looking for the origin of tea? 🍵 This country is where it all began too. 

Places to visit:

Zhangye Danxia

(Img: https://www.tourismontheedge.com/zhangye-danxia-landforms-the-perpetual-rainbows-of-china/) 

🎨 The Earth’s paint palette. The Rainbow Mountains are sandstones and siltstones deposited in China with iron and trace minerals. With rain, wind, time and other natural forces, it has become what it is today. This might just be one of the most colourful national parks in the world.

Tiger Leaping Gorge 

(Img: https://www.yunnanexploration.com/the-stone-of-upper-tiger-leaping-gorge.html)

One of the deepest and charming river canyons to exist, it passes by farms, villages and guesthouses. It is around 16 kilometres long and runs between the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Breathtaking views with every step? You got it here. Hiking on this trail is increasingly popular and in demand due to its rapid waters, glistening waterfalls and rocky cliffs. 


Croatia is a crescent-shaped country at the crossroads of Central and Southern Europe. This was also the country where the popular drama series, Game of Thrones, was primarily filmed!

Places to visit:

The Plitvice Lakes

(Img: https://www.theworldandthensome.com/plitvice-lakes-croatia-everything-need-know/)

This place has a chain of 16 terraced lakes, bodies of water that are all joined together by cascading waterfalls that extend into a limestone canyon. There are long bridges and trails to walk around and across the water, alongside the stunning forest and wildlife. 🏞️


(Img: https://www.viator.com/en-SG/Dubrovnik-attractions/Fort-Lovrijenac/d904-a11404)

Built along a 37-meter rock face, this 16th-century fortress hosts theatrical performances with panoramic views. It was changed and re-built a couple of times, where the biggest renovation work was done when a great portion of the fortress was destroyed in the Dubrovnik earthquake in 1667. There are about 200 steps to reach the top, but it is well-worth all the effort to climb! 🤩


When you think of France, most would think of Paris and the Eiffel Tower or Louvre first! There are tons of iconic attractions in France that draw visitors from all around the globe. However, the things that tourists fall in love with are the quaint, little quirks about the country.

(Psst..! Did you know? Eiffel Tower was once hated and considered ugly by many when it was first built by Gustave Eiffel in the 1880s. He took all the backlash, but it would be amazing if he could see how much love is given to his creation today.) 💜

Places to visit: 

Mont Saint Michel

(Img: https://bigseventravel.com/everything-you-need-to-know-when-visiting-mont-saint-michel/)

This little island in Normandy, France is so lovable. With a population of just 33, this magical-looking island looks like it is hovering above the water. 🏰 Don’t be surprised, they do have museums, churches and restaurants inside! 


(Img: https://adventurousmiriam.com/quick-guide-to-colmar-france/)

Doesn’t this town look like a place out of an artist’s sketchbook? This old town, with cobblestones and the gentle waft of French pastries and cuisines, will suck you into a fairytale story. It was heard that this town was the inspiration for Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, and it is not difficult to understand why. There is also a lot of history to this place with medieval and early Renaissance buildings around. 


Thinking about the DreamWorks animated film, Madagascar? 

7 wordsThe real Madagascar is better than that. 

Places to visit:

Avenue of Baobabs

(Img: https://www.worldatlas.com/landmarks/avenue-of-the-baobabs.html)

Nothing can describe how simple and beautiful nature can be. Like the name suggests, this place is home to towering baobabs that look like they can reach up to the sky at 70 to 100-foot heights. These trees have a nickname of ‘upside down trees’ because it looks like the roots are above instead of down below! The most popular baobab tree, Adansonia Grandidieiri, cannot be found anywhere else except in Madagascar. This place is one of the most famous and visited places in the country, and also the most photographed. Sunsets or stargazing with the baobab trees would truly look, and feel like a dream. ☁️️

Tsingy de Bemaraha

(Img: https://www.naturepl.com/stock-photo-nature-image00580376.html)

A national park in Melaky Region, this dramatic scenery may fool you into thinking these are all trees in a dense forest. In fact, the grey ones are sharp limestone pinnacles that grow up to 330 feet high. Below, there are deep crevasses, rivers and caves. With suspension bridges along the 250km area, it is one for the bravehearted to try too. 🧗‍♀️ 


Being relatively near to Singapore, this is a destination to consider if you are not planning to travel too far away from your home country! Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, temples and night markets. It should definitely be a country everyone in Singapore should visit at least once in their lifetime. 

(Try reading Bangkok’s real name in one breath: Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit!) 😆

Places to visit: 

Ko Tao

(Img: https://www.zubludiving.com/destination/thailand/gulf-of-thailand/koh-tao)

🏖️ An island in Thailand, this place has a fun mix of marine life and the bustling beach hangouts. With restaurants, villas, shops and nightlife establishments. It is a place perfect for scuba diving alongside the sea creatures in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Red Lotus Sea, Udon Thani

(Img: https://www.thaizer.com/tourist-attractions/visiting-the-red-lotus-lake-udon-thani/)

This large lake with gorgeous floating water lilies will make you feel like you’re Rapunzel in Tangled. 🌸 After going for a morning boat tour, there are archaeological sites, historical parks, eco parks, recreational spaces and museums waiting for you in the city of Udon Thani... If you’re here to shop, they have it too. With tons of activities and areas to go in this city, you will be entertained your entire trip. Thailand offers something for everyone.

& An honorable mention... special place to visit: 


(Img: https://asiaexchange.org/blogs/chatuchak-must-do-while-in-bangkok/)

The best market to walk through. With over 200,000 visitors every week, this is a marvelous place to visit when you feel like having some street food or for some cheap shopping! The market itself has over 15,000 stalls and vendors spreading across different sections ranging from food, fashion and art!

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The world’s eighth largest country. It is part of Southern America and home to the famous freedom fighter, Che Guevara. Argentina is also very commonly tied to football, and the government even banned parents from naming their kids after Lionel Messi.

Places to visit: 


(Img: https://www.britannica.com/place/Patagonia-region-Argentina)

Yes, the clothing brand Patagonia had its name derived from this mountainous region. ⛰️ This is a must-visit destination for all adventurous travellers. The amazing, immeasurable landscapes in Patagonia await you. Just don’t forget your layers as the wind is harsh over there! 

Parque Nacional Talampaya

(Img: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talampaya_National_Park)

The name “Talampaya” refers to “Tala’s dry river” which native people thought of, due to the fact that this area is dry most of the time, except when it rains (which is rare!). Fun fact: the first dinosaurs treaded this place millions of years ago! Hard to believe, right? The fossil remains of Lagosuchus Talampayensis was found in this park. Imagine being there with the dinosaurs! 🦕

💕 With all these places in mind… I hope I cured your wanderlust, even just for a bit. For more ways to feed your wanderlust, try recipes from around the world or pick up a new language!

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