5 Products You Need for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

5 Products You Need for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle



With Earth Day happening on 22 April this year, The Sustainability Project is holding a 15% sale off all their products from 21 to 25 April.

Here are five products that we recommend by The Sustainability Project for a zero-waste lifestyle.




1. Wrap your food with beeswax wrap

Although plastic wrap is a versatile tool in the kitchen, it is made from plastics that cause large amounts of pollution. In 2018, Singapore Environment Council found that 1.76 billion plastic items are used each year, with 473 million being disposable items. 

Similar to plastic wrap, beeswax wrap is definitely a more sustainable alternative. It is made from natural ingredients and reusable. What’s more is that it protects your food from bacteria. 


Photo Credit:  The Sustainability Project


Using beeswax wrap can contribute to reducing single-use plastics. If you are interested in making your own beeswax wrap, you may attend their workshop here: https://refash.sg/products/beeswax-wrap-workshop-lm


2. Wash up with shampoo bars

We are all familiar with our usual shampoo bottles that come in plastic, but what about shampoo bars

 Shampoo bars are packaged in paper and can be used for at least seven to eight weeks. Ensure that you thoroughly wet your scalp and hair before applying the bar.



Photo Credit:  The Sustainability Project


Although they might cost more than shampoo bottles, shampoo bars are made with organic ingredients that are more expensive than cheaper ingredients such as harsh chemicals and water. 

These shampoo bars are made locally which reduces the carbon footprint! You can get one of your own here:


3. Say ‘No’ to plastic cutlery 

Refuse all the single-use plastics and bring your own reusable bamboo cutlery set instead! 

Made from Bamboo with beeswax and tree resin coating, the bamboo cutlery set includes a spoon, knife, fork and chopsticks. 


Photo Credit:  The Sustainability Project

It is also sturdy enough to cut through steak! Purchase one set of your own here:



4. Keep your teeth clean with this bamboo toothbrush 

Made from biodegradable bamboo, swap your regular plastic toothbrush for this bamboo toothbrush. Conventional plastic toothbrushes are non-recyclable whereas bamboo toothbrushes are.

Photo Credit:  The Sustainability Project


The bamboo handle is made from Mao Bamboo is a natural resource and can grow in soil that has been damaged. It is also what pandas munch on! 

Make a purchase here: https://refash.sg/collections/the-sustainability-project/products/bamboo-toothbrush 


5. Smell fresh with natural deodorant 

Deodorants are an essential to our daily lives, especially when we are outside for long hours. Did you know that our conventional deodorants might be causing more harm than good?

One of the common ingredients found in deodorants include aluminium which stops perspiration by blocking your sweat glands.  


Photo Credit:  The Sustainability Project


If you are thinking of switching to natural deodorants, they do not contain aluminium, parabens and other harmful ingredients. Natural deodorants are package free and are able to last for 12 months.

If you are thinking of switching to natural deodorants, you can buy one here: https://refash.sg/collections/the-sustainability-project/products/natural-deodorant-lm


From 21 to 25 April, use the discount code “GREEN15” for 15% off your purchase with no minimum spend. Check out The Sustainability Project's items here: https://refash.sg/collections/the-sustainability-project

I hope these products will benefit you on your journey towards a more conscious and waste-free lifestyle! 

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