5 Benefits of Buying Secondhand

5 Benefits of Buying Secondhand


New to Buying Used? Before we introduce you to the 5 benefits of buying secondhand, we would like to thank you for considering thrifting because that means you have already crossed the first stage of being a sustainable consumer 🤝


1. Preserving Natural Resources (Water & Cotton)

First and foremost, let’s discuss the predominant definite natural resource, water. 
💧 Every stage of the clothing production process consumes thousands of gallons of water. 

💧 For example, making a simple cotton shirt requires almost 3000 litres of water. Anyways, the good news is that now we can all easily preserve water by making the right choice. 

Moving on to another precious natural resource, cotton. Globally, 40% of clothes are made from cotton. However, in case you are wondering – why should I save cotton? In places where it is difficult to grow other crops, cotton provides an income stream for small growers worldwide. 

Photo Credit: FreePik


2. Saving Money

Let’s assume that you are someone who is not environmentally conscious.

Well, you will be pleased to know that thrifting doesn’t just have benefits for the environment but it can also relieve a bit of a burden for your bank account everytime you go shopping 💰

Thrifting can help you save your money and get you your desired designer clothing at a much more affordable price 🤑

Photo Credit: IDFC First Bank


3. Extending Life of the Clothing

Thrifting is yet another form of reusing a piece of clothing instead of disposing of it. This extends the life of any clothing piece that would otherwise have been thrown away after one use despite being in ✨ pristine condition ✨

By buying secondhand clothing, you are helping the planet live longer too 🌏

Photo Credit: REFASH 

Are you surprised by the impact YOU can make yet?


4. Exploring Premium Brands

Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone if you have ever wanted to keep up with the latest trends and wear designer clothes but end up falling short of money. 

We have all been there, done that 😢

The best possible way to get clothing from premium brands within your budget is to thrift! 💅 This allows you to live your lavish fantasy and relish your finest e-commerce experience. 

Photo Credit: REFASH

The image shown above is an assortment of brands that are adopted by REFASH and many of them are quality premium brands.


5. Decreasing Landfill Waste

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of the environment? 😨  Buying secondhand is definitely of service to the environment as it keeps clothes out of landfills thereby decreasing landfill waste 🗑️ This also reduces chemical and carbon pollution generated by the fashion industry. 

Photo Credit: The Guardian


Therefore, an effortless action of walking into a thrift store instead of a fast fashion store and buying secondhand clothes can save the environment and have numerous other benefits for you too 🥳

So why wait? Start your thrifting journey with REFASH today!    

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