4 Ways to Sell Your Clothes FOR CASH in Singapore

4 Ways to sell your clothes for CASH in Singapore


Dying to purchase that top but have no space in your wardrobe, or cash to spare?

Ever walked out of a store and could not get that dress out of your head? Telling yourself, “I NEED it!” but realising you have neither space nor cash… I definitely know how it feels!

Here’s how to earn money whilst clearing out your closet at the same time!


1. Carousell 

Carousell, a marketplace for individuals to buy and sell items, helps people to declutter their wardrobes and earn side income. Setting up an account is simple and you can get started with listing within a few minutes. Not only can you sell your items, you can purchase other people’s items on the same platform too, likely at a cheaper price than it could retail for! Talk about convenience and being thrifty. Sell what you don’t need and find what you need at the same time!

  1. Using Carousell & its latest update, Smart Listing, improves the seller's experience of listing individual items on the marketplace.
  2. Carousell has many categories for you to list. There are 13 categories under “Women’s Fashion” for you to list your clothes which makes it easier to match up your clothes to its specific target group.
  3. After listing your clothes, you can chat with any interested buyers and secure the best deal! 

How it works: 

2. Social Media

In this day and age, social media is the way to go! Recently, there has been a rise in online second hand fashion stores, vintage stores and thrift stores, to name a few. Popular platforms include Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. It can be as easy as uploading your items on Instagram stories, or you can even dedicate an entire account or channel and build your own store up from scratch. You can play with the aesthetics of the store and how you want to post your items and be your own boss.

  • Instagram

  1. As Instagram is a photo-sharing app, this makes it an easy platform to start somewhere!
  2. Instagram’s functions allow users to comment, reply to stories or DM if they want to purchase the item. Some prefer to do their sales on IG Live to sell in real time.
  3. A cool feature is the “Save” button, where one out of the many functions is that buyers can use it to save the items they want to buy in the future and not have to find it again.

    • Facebook Marketplace

    1. Though Facebook is mainly used to post updates as a social networking site, the marketplace does provide the chance for you to sell your clothes under the 'Apparel' category which is then segmented into different types of apparel such as Women's clothing, Men's clothing, etc.
    2. Like Instagram, Facebook has their “FB LIVE” function where many will utilise this opportunity to sell their clothes while going live, allowing them to answer customer enquiries on the spot & securing fast deals!

    • Telegram Groups

    1. Telegram has been hugely involved in a new trend to sell preloved clothes online, which is especially prevalent due to COVID-19 and its restrictions. It is a seamless way to communicate directly with buyers interested in your items, since it is already a common messaging software.
    2. Groups such as Bhabies’ Market, Blogshop Deals etc. focus mainly on women's fashion & offer a wide variety of fashion styles.
    1. Since Telegram allows you to join multiple groups and channels, you can list your items in various groups to reach more audiences too and get your items sold quicker!

    3. REFASH

    Here at Refash, you declutter AND get paid! Isn’t that great?
    Our platform allows people to sell their clothing items offline or online for someone else to adopt them, but here’s the catch -- we will do most of the work for you. 

    1. Selling your clothes at Refash is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    2. We make selling clothes less of a hassle to you as it is not necessary for you to list your individual pieces one by one, whether it’s taking photos or typing the description. All you have to do is drop off all your clothes & the team will send you a quotation of your clothes within 2 weeks.
    3. At Refash, we have online and physical stores. If you are the kind of person who likes to see the items in real life before purchasing, head on down to one of Refash's physical stores nearest to you! Fret not, most of the items are in good condition after being sifted and manually checked for any defects by our staff.  

    How it works!

    How to Sell with REFASH
    Learn more and explore by visiting our website, Instagram or Tiktok!

    4. Flea Markets

    The good old method! Flea markets are a quick way to sell your items, especially if you have a lot to clear and do not mind letting them go at cheap prices. Several options include the Flea Party, The Luggage Market and *Scape.  

    1. Despite it being a quick and personal way to sell off your items, It will be tiring and time-consuming to man the store in person
    2. You get to converse with other sellers and buyers & build rapport and relationships.
    3. Booking of booths at most flea markets can be difficult because slots run out fast, though. You have to be quick and decisive!

    What a way to kill two birds with one stone, don’t you think? You get to save the environment along the way too. Let’s start clearing and earning!

    Looking for other options?

    Try StyleTribute, The Fifth Collection or Reebonz to sell your high-end clothes.

    Try Etsy, Gumtree, Ebay, or Depop if you are looking for other sites to sell your clothes.

    But… a good place to start is at REFASH with us! ;)

    For more updates on us, follow us on our Instagram (@refashsg) and Facebook (@Refash)!
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