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If you’ve stumbled upon this means you’ve probably been googling “Where to go on a date in Singapore” or “What to do in Singapore”… I feel you sis…

The Little Red dot is little indeed, so much so that we can’t enjoy the luxury of a road trip to the next state and there really isn’t much to do here, especially after visiting all the usual go-to spots on the island. You probably want to impress your date but there isn’t much you can do either, well fret not. Here are some tried and tested dating ideas that you could consider the next time you’re sick of Netflix and Chilling. (P.S none of this includes you climbing up the treetop walk LOL)



Location: Holey Moley @ Clarke Quay 

Get ready to battle it out at a game of mini golf at Holey Moley Golf Club. They offer a ton of different courses each themed differently. This is definitely different from normal golfing! I’m sure you and your date will have an enjoyable time here


WHAT TO WEAR: Since it’s a physical activity, I’d suggest some a comfortable fit for the night. Maybe throw on a jumpsuit to keep it a lil’ dressy for town! If you don’t own a jumpsuit, throwing on a monochromatic look will do the job as well!

Black Smocked Crop Top:

Black Patterned Pants:




    Roller skating used to be the IN thing back in the 80s and I’m sure many of you have done it when you were young, so why not reminisce the good old times with a date at Hi Roller! Dance and skate your hearts out in the rink, jamming to the classic pop hits with your date!

    WHAT TO WEAR: On the topic of the old days, why not put on a 90’s inspired outfit? Throw on some high waisted denim jeans and a crop top for that classic 90s girl look. Add on a bandana as well as some large hoops for that extra touch!


    Black Smocked Crop Top:

    High Rise Wide Leg Jeans:


    PIC(NIC) ME!

      Switch up your usual lunch dates to a picnic at Marina Barrage instead! You can always prepare your own meals or pick up snack from the grocery store. If you something fancier,  you could always reach out to picnic setup companies such as @picneeds, @hocuspocusevents, @beauteaq to create the most gorgeous set up for you and your date to enjoy under the sun!

      WHAT TO WEAR: I’d recommend something simple yet flirty! A floral dress will do just the trick. Style it with some casual heels and a mini rattan bag for a more cottage-core inspired look.


      Grey Satin Floral Dress:




        Maybe you’re more a homebody and you prefer chilling in the comfort of your humble abode, don’t worry, I’ve got you! Why not try playing some board games/card games with your significant other? You could go for some exciting ones like Exploding Kittens or Unstable Unicorns. Or something a little more serious like We’re Not Really Strangers to get to know them a bit more. Either way, game night with some chips and drinks is a great way to spend time with your loved one in your own home!

        WHAT TO WEAR: It’s a date afterall, so I’d suggest something a little more put together yet chill, like a satin button up! The texture of the silky soft satin makes you look like you put in more effort than you really did! Pair it with some trousers or shorts and you’re ready for the night! But you could also wear your comfiest sweatsuit, totally not judging!



        Mellow Satin Button Down Oversized Shirt:


        I hope this read has inspired you to create the *PERFECT* date with your loved one! All the outfits as shown can be found on our site, in the links provided! Happy shopping and have a lovely time!

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