Dear Seller,

We are sorry.

Hope you are keeping safe and well. Following my open letter to you in April, we had pinned our hopes on our stores re-opening in early May, giving us enough time to generate enough cashflow to pay our sellers. We intended to come up with a payment plan for all outstanding payments owing to our sellers by end June. The possibility of it happening now looks extremely bleak. I seek your kind understand during thing extraordinary period of hardship.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to our plan as the Circuit Breaker (CB) was extended, followed by Phase 1 recovery where all retail stores remained closed. As we all know, Singapore just entered Phase 2 of recovery post CB on 19th June, which meant the re-opening of all our retail outlets. We are now working hard to generate as much sales as we can. With very little days (time) left before the end of June, I’ll like to inform you that we’ll need another 2 more months before we can come back to you with a proper payment schedule. We are certain to reach out to every seller with a favourable reply by end August 2020.

On behalf of my entire team, I sincerely apologise. We seek your kind patience and understanding to help us remain operational. We have received numerous encouragement throughout this difficult time, rooting us on and I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

We will come good, REFASH will come good again. Stay safe and sustainably fashionable.

Best Regards,

Aloysius Sng

Founder, REFASH