Founder's Message – REFASH

Founder's Message






Refash, as a secondhand clothing resale business, was built on the simple knowledge that women don’t wear more than 50% of the clothes in their closet. Moreover, women generally don’t wear the same outfit more than a few times, leaving them still looking as good as new. The recommerce industry is massive. Resale sites and applications are aplenty in the market, but what Refash offers is truly something very different. We went about simplifying the entire process. A typical seller no longer has to go through the hassle of selling through fleas markets or resale online websites. Her items are now either worn on models, professional captured and listed on our online site or tagged and nicely displayed at a retail store, reaching out to thousands of shoppers each week.


Shopping thrift doesn’t mean that you have to overlook quality and design. At Refash, we do the quality check and everything else to ensure shoppers will always get the best of both worlds. We are focused on delivering a curated shopping experience that differs from the "free-for-all” as seen in flea markets and other online websites. We ensure that items listed on Refash are always trendy and in new and good conditions. That is a key difference as items that do not meet our standards are either rejected or recycled.



We are aiming to attract a new type of seller. They are either too busy or simply turned off by the effort it requires to sell online. With Refash, we have brought a new convenience to a category that’s widely thought to be a hassle to deal with.



No business can always be smooth sailing, particularly at the start-up stage. We are a relatively small team. Even though we are ready for Refash to scale, we were unable to anticipate what was ahead. Over the last few months, our revenue has increased five folds and several media sources started to feature us. As our business model began to gain traction, we were unable to cope with the sheer amount of sellers coming/wanting-to-come into Refash. We learnt that sellers require a great amount of follow-up from us - from their clothes status to sales updates. We reacted promptly and spent the entire months of September and  October to develop an in-house online tracking system. Sellers can now access our Refash Sellers Central and be notified of their items latest status and track their sales ‘live’ through the system. We have received very positive feedback from our current sellers.  This motivates us to do even more. We want to continue to pledge more resources into improving our back-end operations as well as the technical systems to house all this data and to be able to communicate with both our sellers and shoppers on a more ongoing basis.


Another hurdle we face was the unpredictability of our supply chain, making the level of efficiency that we desire hard to achieve. Our staff has to inspect thousands of items each day. Of which many items ultimately don’t make it to market. To put it simply, "We’re at the mercy of the quality of the products that we receive.”.  This gives us limited control of our merchandising. Despite that, we still strive to reject as little items as possible back to our sellers. Its important that our sellers exercise some evaluation of their own before sending the items to us.  “Think of your buyer as a well deserving friend. If it’s not for her, it shouldn’t be for anyone else”. As our sellers are individuals, many of whom have not sold clothes on their own before, they often bear a much higher perceived value for their items. It’s hard to manage that expectation but we always strive to derive the highest possible selling price from each item.



In a mere six months, Refash sellers have earned a combined total of $200,000 using our service. We are expanding quickly to accommodate more sellers, and at the same time reach out to more shoppers who value resale shopping. I cannot wait to share the news of our next pop-up store on social media!


We’re about reuse, we’re about giving clothes a second life. Like we always say, “one girl’s old is another girl’s new.” Let’s inspire a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first! Enjoy buying and selling at Refash.