At Refash, we’re constantly learning and always expanding. The reception to Refash has been incredible over the past few months, and we couldn’t have done it without all of our followers, sellers and buyers.
Every piece of clothing has a story, and every piece deserves to share that story in a second life. Here, we want to help connect women so that we can share pieces in the simplest possible way. The solution? You leave the collection, checking and displaying of your clothes to us, and you can simply browse our site or store for fashion that’s high-quality and inexpensive. We have re-imagined what it means to buy and sell secondhand fashion. By eliminating all the fuss that comes with buying and selling items on your own, secondhand fashion becomes less of a transaction and more an act of sharing an open closet. It’s all the joy of wearing unique outfits every day, minus the stress of an overflowing closet or an empty bank account.
This isn’t just an app or just a store. We’re a community and we’re only just getting started. As we take this journey, we make all sorts of discoveries and we want to share them with you. This blog is for all of our stories; past, present and future. I’m Yingbi and I’ll be tending to this little online space – so feel free to shoot any questions or messages you have! Welcome to a community of sharing fashion, tips and inspiration, where we dream big and live big