Have you been struggling with increasing your XP in Pokemon Go? It’s your lucky day, because to follow up our previous post on legendary nest & rare pokemon spawn locations in Singapore, we have some tricks our sleeve to raise your XP more quickly than ever.


To level up in and catch rare Pokemon, XP is needed so it’s unsurprising if you would do anything to increase your XP. You could catch pokemon, but there are other easier ways you can try. For example, just going to a Pokestop will do the trick. Our team has found a method that guarantees you an egg, double XP rewards and extra items!


Dropping by a Pokestop will give you supplies and XP. At a single stop, you have the chance to earn at least 50 XP and three to four items. However, what you may not know is that you can actually double the amount of XP earnt at Pokestops. Here’s how you do it.


1. Visit a Pokestop, as per normal.

2. Move to another Pokestop.

3. Continue visiting different Pokestops until you have visited 10 different stops in 30mins!


Try to do this in a short amount of time – this won’t work by just visiting 10 Pokestops at random times throughout the day. Imagine you’re following a Pokestop trail and visit them one after another.


At the 10th Pokestop, you will receive double the XP and more items than usual. From our experience, we usually get 6 items, but some people report getting even more.



If you have an open slot, it’s likely that you will get at least an egg as well. Some people have reported getting 10km eggs, and others have managed to get similar rewards after visiting only 6 Pokestops. It’s possible that you can receive even more XP and other items with different actions and conditions.


Regardless, if you follow the steps we outlined in this post, you should be able to get more XP and items! Let us know how it works for you. If you experiment with other moves, let us know what you find!


We have attached the Egg Chart here:


Tips: Some pokemons might not be obtainable in your region can still hatch from the egg. So, wait till your level is above 20 before hatching 10km egg which give you higher chance to get rare pokemon with hight CP! Also, eggs yield A LOT of candy when they hatch, so keep that in mind too!