Meet Gail: financial consultant by day, blogger by night. For 3 to 4 days a week, she works as a financial consultant at AIA. She spends the other half of her week blogging at Project Weekends together with her fiancé, where he photographs and she writes.


Blogging started as a hobby in 2013 because she really liked writing. Encouraged by friends who worked in public relations, Gail gave it a try despite not being that good on the photograph front, and hasn’t looked back since.


Gail found Refash in a less conventional way. A friend alerted her to a Three Blind Mice competition offering 2 free months of displaying clothes for sale at Refash. Thinking “heck, my wardrobe is bursting, I need to do something about it,” she participated and became one of the 10 winners. Since then, she’s stuck with Refash for constantly upgrading and organising events, and for how buyers, sellers, and influencers all benefit.


I caught up with her to get to know her, her work and her style a little better. Here’s Gail on style, going green and pursuing your passion.



Rehash is constantly improving


on style


How would you describe your style?


I’d say my style is very clean cut. There was a time when prints and florals were in fashion. I tried it, but I realized that they just don’t become staples in my wardrobe, so they keep moving out. Like the clothes I sell through Refash, I buy them on a whim, wear them once and never again. So my wardrobe is mostly very minimalistic – probably black, white or grey. You could say it’s gloomy as well, very plain coloured.


What are your closet must-haves?


Definitely dresses. They’re super easy yet very feminine. And I love jackets and cardigans as well.


Really? How do you cope with that in this weather?


It doesn’t work as well in Singapore, that’s why usually I just go for a dress. But for when it’s very cold, that’s when those long, hugeass cardigans come out.


What’s the favourite piece you own?


As cliché as it seems, I think it’s a little black dress. It’s from The Editor’s Market. It’s plain in front, sleeveless and cropped at the back. It’s a bit low so you need to wear your bra a bit lower or wear nubra. But otherwise I love it because it's a no brainer, the length is just right, and the fit as well.


on going green

every drop makes an ocean


You recently took part in Double A’s environmental initiative. What led you to getting involved?


The PR for this campaign happens to be one of my friends, she mentioned something about environmentalism, and she asked me if I had the feel for it. Many bloggers today focus on fashion or lifestyle, and not so much on stuff like environmentalism, because it’s not be very readable or probably won’t get very high hits for the blog. But I told her that, yeah, I’m actually concerned about it, I’m just not an expert voice. So she asked if I would be interested to join this media round table with environmental experts, where they talked about how we can save paper, and discussed what are we doing to ensure that we have paper for the rest our lives. Not only just for us, but for the future generations as well.


So it was the first time you ever talked about or wrote about environmental stuff?




Could you share with us some of your takeaways from the event?


I learnt that there actually are many environmental influencers out there, except I wasn’t tuned in to them, and there are many people out there who are trying to make a difference in how we live and trying to go green. I believe that as long as everyone does a little bit, every drop makes an ocean. So I’ve stopped feeling like, since no one’s talking about it, that I won’t talk about it as well. I’m just thinking about what I, as one person, can do.


Do you think there are any ways we can start living green through beauty, fashion and lifestyle?


Definitely. We can go for stuff that are more environmentally friendly, and not for things that will harm the earth. There’s a lot of green makeup nowadays, even green nail polish. You can make a choice to do something like that. I think that’s a step.



on pursuing your passion


Gail Soh


What’s your favourite experience from blogging?


Comments on the blog posts. When people thank us, thank me or my fiancé, for the tips we give them, or maybe reviews that they found useful for holiday plans or when they want to try out something new.


How do you balance your day job and blogging and what advice would you give to students or young professionals trying to balance work and lifestyle?


It does get very hard, especially when I first started out. Even right now, after 3 years of blogging, I still feel like it’s tiring to balance my day job and blogging. You really need to have a passion for it. If you don’t, then I would advise you not to even step in, because the blogging world looks glamourous, but it’s not just all about the glamour. There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the camera lens, and the writing is tedious as well… The names ‘blogger’ and 'influencer' have gotten a bad reputation today, but a person is truly passionate about blogging, they put in a lot of effort into their posts. Every post they put up is a work of art. So you definitely need a lot of passion, and a lot of patience as well. It helps if your job is flexible. Even if it isn’t, as long as you have the drive and motivation to go on, you could stay up late at night to do a blog post, and still be energetic.


What are your top 3 things to do when you have time off?


It sounds very boring, but I actually value a lot of free time now. Whenever I’m free I will stay at home and either blog or watch Korean dramas, which I’m a big fan of. Sometimes it’s shopping, or else, maybe sleeping.


Soh Gail


You can find Gail on her blog Project Weekends, and on Instagram.