Sheryl, also known as sherbabes, is a soon-to-be third year NUS Business student and part of the beauty and fashion community on Instagram. There’s more to her than that though - I caught up with her while she was on her 11th week on summer internship to talk lifestyle, inspiration, style and beauty. I find out she’s incredibly sweet and chatty, a lover of Zumba (the first time I tried calling her, she’d actually forgotten and went straight to the gym!), reads code for work, and isn’t afraid to treat herself to a big bag of chips or chocolate.


Sheryl has been selling on Refash since the end of May, and in the short span of 2 months has accumulated sales worth close to $1,000. She tells me she had just sent in 4 big bags with about 180 pieces of clothes to Refash, and loves how she was able to sell over a hundred pieces in her previous batch, earning her $700. Besides that, her favourite part is being able to recycle clothes – not only preloved clothes, but new ones as well. “You know how you buy some things, but maybe you don’t have the occasion to wear it, or perhaps it’s not really your style anymore? Someone else might love it, and it’s all about spreading love for fashion. To me, it’s not static,” she says. “Fashion trends always come in a cycle. Not just that, you don’t need to follow trends per se. It’s about what you’re comfortable with and what you’re happy in. I guess that’s the most important, and I think Refash embodies that.”


“And it’s a very smart idea. There hasn’t been anything so big scale as Refash, there’s actually a store. Not only online, but also a physical store if you want to see the clothes up close and personal.”


She also shares fashion favourites, beauty tips, her thoughts on the Instagram community, and what she does in her free time.



How would you describe your style?


As you can see from my Instagram feed, there’ll be pops of colour, but at the same time, sometimes I like to go all monochromatic. There’s some street style, but mainly I would describe my style to be fun, classic and rather feminine. I’m always in dresses or skirts, and I love floral prints and stuff.


What are your closet must-haves?


Definitely an LBD. I have so many LBDs because when I’m finding something for an occasion, I just gravitate towards little black dresses straight away. They can be dressed down, casual, by pairing it with a cap, or you can dress it up, put on a choker necklace and together with your different accessories. LBDs are a must.


What’s your favourite place to shop?


In Singapore it would be Zara, always, because of the variety. I love how they have not only work clothes, but also the more teenage section, TRF, so there’s a great variety. And the heels are also nice, although they’re not that comfortable, but they change with the seasons. Like how style goes in and out. Other than that, sometimes I’ll go to Forever21 or Topshop, but mainly Zara.



Let’s talk a bit about beauty. You’re quite into beauty, aren’t you?


Yeah! I love experimenting with makeup, and I’m always shopping at Sephora.


What are your top 3 beauty products?


Definitely eyeliner, contour – I’m actually quite a contour fanatic, I’m always contouring – and a bright lipstick or a very glossy lip gloss. Then you have eyeliner done, cheeks done, kind of, with the contour, then lips also done, so those 3 are my main ones.


Which is more important, makeup or skincare products?


Hmm. I would definitely say skincare, because you definitely have to take good care of your skin before you can start applying makeup. If you don’t have good skin to start off with, like a palette on your face, then your makeup won’t go on that smoothly as well. But recently, I’ve been using the beauty blender from Sephora, and it’s really, really good. Even if I have breakouts, I will just dampen my beauty blender with a bit of water and it applies much, much better on my skin. It covers up all the creases and all the pimples. That’s been very helpful for me.



What inspired you to get into photography and doing advertorials?


It started out because many people were asking me, “oh you know, where did you get this from?” or “what do you pair it with?” Then I realized that I myself love to take photos and I love to be taken photos of, so this interest in photography and encouragement from my friends and my followers made me start taking more photos and posting then. Soon after, people started approaching me.


But I’m selective about the brands and companies that I work with. So only if it’s something that I like and I would personally wear out, would I then take on that sponsorship or that advertorial. Because I feel like if it’s something that I wouldn’t wear, then I won’t feel comfortable and I’ll look a bit awkward in the photo. And I would definitely want to recommend to my friends something that I like.


What’s your favourite part of your experience?


My favourite part is definitely the comments. Nowadays it’s quite hard for me to interact with people who leave sweet comments, but it brightens my day - their encouragement, their support, what they like and even sometimes what they don’t like. And sometimes I have events and stuff, and I get to meet them, or I bump into them, and it’s so fun when it’s not only online or virtual and I can actually see them in person. You really get to make friends through Instagram and media platforms.


I think that the beauty and fashion community is actually very loving and supportive. Everyone is always very encouraging and that’s what makes me continue being on Instagram. The people I meet and I get to interact with are really nice and encouraging.


Do you feel like the community gets a bad rep sometimes?


I guess. To be honest, I don’t really like to judge an Instagram profile if there’s some shade around a person. I guess everyone has their own personal style and own style of their feed. It’s all about personal preference and if I feel that you don’t like someone’s feed, then that’s all right? They’re happy doing what they’re doing. You just have to be positive. Even if someone’s feed might not be that relatable to you, and their style might be different, but actually from their photos you can find inspiration. That’s why sometimes I just like to go to the Explore feed and scroll through, so I can see people’s photography, their filters, the objects in their photos. It’s very interesting and it actually improves your style also, because you get to see and you’re being exposed to different things. Rather than hating.



How do you balance uni or your internship with lifestyle?


Mainly, because my work is quite far away from my house, by the time I go home I’m quite tired. And the thing is I can’t take photos from Monday to Friday because by the time I reach home it’s 7 plus, and the sun is down. So for photoshoots, or shopping or chilling with friends, I will have to have it during the weekends. Usually, I leave Sundays for shoots or advertorials, and Saturday is for spending time with family or hanging out with friends.


Then, I’ll always try to squeeze in, at least 2 times a week from Monday to Friday, going to the gym. I love doing yoga, I’ve been doing zumba for quite a few years. I’ll dance in the zumba classes, or there’ll be a spinning class because my gym offers spinning classes, so that’s very fun.


What’s your favourite thing to do during your leisure time?


Watching movies with a big bag of chips! I’m so guilty of that. I’ll usually indulge in that. I know all my zumba and all that nonsense is all gone to waste but I’ll go on Youtube – my favourite beauty gurus are Bubzbeauty, ItsJudyTime, Jenn Im – I’ll watch these Youtubers and catch up on their vlogs, and I’ll dig into a bag of chips or chocolate just to reward myself.


It’s tiring but sometimes you just have to move on day by day.



What's the last…


Movie you watched: Alice Through the Looking Glass


Really good, I highly recommend it! I prefer it to the first one, I thought it was very heartwarming because of the characters.


Show you watched: Keeping Up With The Kardashians


I love the Kardashians. It’s hilarious. A lot of my friends don’t like reality shows, but I think it’s super funny, so flamboyant, and they just cheer up my feelings. I’ve been wanting to get the Kylie lip kit, but I haven’t gotten my hands on it because it’s always sold out.


Song you listened to: Charlie Puth – One Call Away


I was at the gym, on the treadmill. And usually I’ll walk back home because my gym is nearby my house so I’ll take a long stroll home, and I was listening to this song.


Thing you read: code


Today in the office I was doing decoding, and there were so many codes to run through, because I’m actually working on this new Excel sheet thing, so I was reading a lot of code. That’s why today I think I deserve a bag of chips.


Item you searched for: denim skirt


I’ve been looking for a tight denim skirt with buttons, the kind of A-line denim skirt that’s pretty long and high-waisted, with buttons running down. I’ve been seeing that in quite a lot of magazines recently so I was looking for one myself. I was searching online for ideas, and where to buy it from.


Account you followed on Instagram: @boyuba



You can find Sheryl on Instagram.