All mums are pretty badass. Whether they’re full-time mums or balance multiple other projects alongside motherhood, most mums devote a significant portion of their time, effort and resources to caring for their children and helping them be the best they can be.


Here are 10 badass mums from Singapore on Instagram that we love.


1. Tammy Tay


Tammy Tay Elliee


Probably best known as a lifestyle blogger on ohsofickle, Tammy Tay is also the founder of a popular online shop of the same name and an interior designer. She made waves in 2014 when she announced that she was expecting a child at 24, and that she would remain with her partner, but that the pair would not marry yet. Her decision to be a ‘single mum’ caused some buzz, but she has braved the comments and relative instability to protect the interests of her children and relationship by not rushing into a marriage. Since then, she has become a mother of 2, Elroy and Elliee, and has decided to move on from blogging.


2. Tjin Lee


Tjin Lee


Mother of two Tjin Lee is a powerhouse. She’s the co-founder of events, PR and creative agency Mercury Group, the force behind Singapore Fashion Week, and has also founded numerous other ventures so far. These include coworking space Trehaus Cowork and social enterprise CRIB, which were born from her experience trying to balance motherhood and work, and the desire to support female entrepreneurs who wanted to make their businesses reality. Despite being involved in steering all these businesses, it’s clear from her Instagram that she also spends a great deal of time with her sons Tyler and Jake.


3. Bella Koh


Bella Koh


Unlike many other #girlbosses and go-getters, Bella Koh is a proponent of the slow life, and taking time to appreciate the little things in life and our surroundings. That’s not to say she doesn’t do anything with her time, though. She owns vintage lifestyle boutique Fleas and Trees, and constantly works to spread the slow life and conscious consumption movement in Singapore. As a food stylist, she’s worked with countless well known publications, and posts amazing shots of organic, vegan meals on her Instagram. Besides that, she’s also a yoga enthusiast and her calming Instagram feed also includes shots of her daughter and (if you couldn’t tell from her username) her six cats.


4. Charmaine Seah-Ong


Charmaine Seah-Ong


Charmaine Seah-Ong is constantly on the go, niftily splitting her time between work, travel and family. Armed with a strong background in media production, business development and marketing, she co-founded the marketing, branding and production agency Elementary Co.. She does this all in style with a great Instagram feed, where you’ll be able to catch glimpses of her daughter Charlie Rose.


5. Aarika Lee


Aarika Lee


Creativity runs in Aarika Lee’s veins. She’s a musician, and involved in numerous other creative ventures as well – she’s Marketing Director at Elementary Co., and the owner of RMBR The Dress, a company that loans out dresses, and has a beautiful Instagram feed. It may be too early to say, but we’re sure her fun and hip personality and style will rub off on her two children with rapper Lion City Boy.


6. Cynthea Lam


Cynthea Lam


Cynthea Lam, the lady behind Super Farmers started her urban farming company after her daughter experienced an adverse health reaction to a food colouring and almost lost her life. They say a mum will do anything for her children, and Cynthea is no different. Determined to provide her children with food she could trust, she researched sustainable food and health, and started growing and cooking her own food so that she knows exactly what goes onto her family’s dinner plate. Since then, she has grown Super Famers into a movement that helps people across Singapore prepare food they can trust, by selling urban farming supplies and conducting workshops that grow more and more popular day by day. They frequently host groups of schoolchildren, and conduct mother and child workshops on urban farming.


7. Venetia Stravens


Venetia Stravens


Venetia Stravens is one of Singapore’s leading professional makeup artists, having worked with numerous high-profile clients over 20 years. A mother of two, she also shares her skills and expertise through teaching and training and a beauty blog, and is a traveler and talented painter – you’ll find some of her pieces on her Instagram.


8. Jen


jen jlipose yoga


Filled with yoga poses – some of them set against truly breathtaking backdrops from her travels - this badass mum’s feed is a peek into her active lifestyle. Jen has travelled and lived in many countries around the world but is settled in Singapore. A mother to three children under the age of 4, she brings her children into her poses in adorable ways, even while they’re still in the womb (check out the pictures of her striking yoga poses while heavily pregnant!) and shows that there’s really no limit to what our bodies can do.


9. Stephanie Er 


Stephanie Er


Stephanie Er displays her design prowess on Instagram and her blog Pootsville, and through her witty and fun shirts and prints, which you can find for sale on her blog. We love her fresh and eclectic style that’s visible not only in what she wears, but her designs and her home as well. She also runs a salad bar, Sprout.


10. Angie Lai-Tay


Angie Lai-Tay


Angie Lai-Tay and her two children rock a bold and edgy style – unsurprising considering she’s behind multiple fashion and jewelry ventures. She co-founded accessories store Curated Editions, which stocks hard-to-find brands curated by Angie herself, and fashion label THAVIA. She also has her own jewelry collection, ALT The Collection, made by fair trade artisans in Cambodia. Crafted out of spent bombshell casing from the Vietnam War, the collection intends to be “declarations of peace and personal strength.”


All images belong to the respective women featured.