A phone is no doubt the closest gadget to our heart and mind, it has gradually become part of everyone’s life and most of us can’t imagine living without it. However, are you starting to get bored scrolling through your typical apps? Despite wanting to try out new apps, given the tons of apps out there created for girls, how do we determine which app is worth our storage space?

From photography to health to safety, we have every aspect covered for you. Here are 10 every girl must-have apps to be downloaded in your phone:


  • VIU : Brings you the best of Asian Entertainment anytime anywhere for FREE!

Available in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, Viu is perfect for catching up on your favorite TV series and shows. Whether you have a soft spot for dramas or you’re a die-hard anime fan, this mobile app allows you to watch brand-new programs from Asia 4 hours after the telecast in Korea. Moreover, the app features free download which you can use to save your favorite shows with WiFi and view them whenever you choose (without network connection needed). Viu also offers notifications and updates on the most recent episodes of various Korean shows, Japanese anime, as well as Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. All you need is a free member registration and you can start watching all your favorite series anywhere, at any time.


  • Music FM : Free Music & Music Radio Player (Alternative of spotify!)

As most girls are already familiar with the Spotify app, however, it seems to have met its competitor with the Music FM. Music FM has been one of the go-to music streaming services for millions of people for many years. It’s key feature is its simplicity and cross-platform support. You can easily jump right in and listen to music you enjoy on virtually any platform you can think of and your stations sync across all of them. Best of all, it is completely free!


  • Canva : Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

Have a love for designing? You can be your own designer with Canva, a simple graphic design platform with ready made layouts for social media platforms (e.g. Facebook cover, Youtube cover) and over hundreds of fonts to select from. Get started with creating photo-graphics and show off your flair for designing.


  • Eatigo: Make free online reservations at over 600 restaurants in Singapore at up to 50% off!

Eatigo is the leading dining deals and restaurant reservation portal in Singapore where users can enjoy real-time discount of up to 50% at every restaurant every day for free! Even the best dining destinations have empty tables and when eatigo connects empty stomachs with those empty tables diners never have to pay full price. By using our proprietary technology, you can search restaurant availability to find the time-deal combination that’s best for you.


  • Deja : Your pocket wardrobe stylist 

If you have often spend hours in front of your wardrobe deciding on what to wear for the day, fret not! Because Deja Fashion is your personal pocket wardrobe stylist that lets you snap and store your clothes in your phone conveniently. Discover ideas to style your clothes and get inspired by street style photos. Planning your #ootd has never been easier.


  • Clue :  Period and Ovulation Tracker for iPhone and Android

Girls, if you’re forever losing track of your monthly cycle, Clue is definitely your to-go app. Clue is designed to make tracking of your fertility accurate, fast and friendly. It also keep track of your mood, sexual activity and personal notes. Know your body and get worry-free from such unpleasant surprises.


  • Daily Yoga: Workouts, Meditation and Fitness Plan on the App Store

Basically, a yoga practice in your pocket. Daily yoga provides more than 500 yoga poses with instructions and 50 complete yoga video session, along with background music. The app is apt for all from beginner to advanced level. With Daily Yoga, you can do yoga anywhere and anytime.


  • 1Password : Your FREE Password Manager and Secure Wallet

The app will ask for your Touch ID fingerprint or master password, then will fill in the requested information, just as it does on the Mac. ... Because it is now so quick to access 1Password-housed data while on an iPhone or iPad, it's easier to move all of your passwords and secure info into the application. Syncing!


  • Companion : Never Walk Home Alone. Your Personal Safety Service

Feeling uneasy walking home alone? Companion app has the solution for you. You may select anyone from your contacts to be your "companion" and follow your route home via a live map. The app can alert you companion if any unusual activity is sensed or even to call the police. Let's cheers to a safer community!


  • SNOW : Selfie, Motion sticker, Fun camera on the App Store

Can’t get enough of Snapchat filters? The South Korea Snapchat clone SNOW app offers over 100 entertaining face filters that can turn yourself from a fried egg into a unicorn into Minnie Mouse.. The options are endless, really. No more boring selfies with these wacky filters that can send your friends into laughs.