Questions you may have

FAQ - Buyer


Can I checkout via Bank Transfer?


How long will it take for my order to be sent out? 

I did not receive my order, able to trace the parcel's whereabouts?

I gave the wrong address during checkout, am I still able to amend it?

Exchange & Return Policy

Can I do an exchange/return if the item does not fit me? Can I opt for a refund?

If I used a discount code on my online order and opt to return the item, will the full amount be returned back to me?

Refash Points

Do my Refash points have any expiry date?

How do I calculate my Refash points?

FAQ - Seller


How do i start selling?

I've sent in my application, what's next?

What if my clothing's brand does not fall under your preferred brands list? Can I still send them in together with my "Fast Track" items?

Fees & Cost

Is there any fees for selling my clothing at Refash?


How will the sales be given to me?

Selling Price

Who will decide the selling price of the items? Can I decide my own selling price?

Am I able to view what items are sold and at what price? How do I know how many items do I have left unsold at Refash?

Rejected/Unsold Items

How do I know if there is any rejected items under my account? Can I collect them back? Will there be any fees imposed if I wish to collect them/donate them?

What happens to the unsold items after 90 days? Will there be any charge if we wish to withdraw the items?

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